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Which Earring Styles Look Best on Me?

Which Earring Styles Look Best on Me?

Accentuate the positive, no matter your face shape, with this guide to your most flattering earrings.

Face Shape
Round Face
To balance a round face, consider such style as: An elongated teardrop, chains with a bauble on the end, a cascade of gemstones

Narrow Face
To add fullness to a narrow face, choose: Gemstone studs, a “button” style of earrings such as pearl clusters, Long, dangly earrings with round shapes

Square Face:
Don’t wear wide earrings – they will just add to the width of your face. Look for: Rounder shapes, like pearls or “button styles”, dangling circular forms, hoop earrings

Oval Face:
Looks great wearing most earring styles, but to emphasize your classic look, try: Long, dangling earrings that also have an oval shape; A long teardrop style\

Heart Face:
Accentuate your prominent cheekbones and consider: Long earrings that feature curing shapes; Ornate chandelier earrings; Long teardrops, which can soften the look of a pointier chin.

Diamond Face:
As with the heart shape, you will accentuate your cheekbones with: Long, dangling earrings that feature curving shapes; Avoid earrings with a diamond shape that might overemphasize your face.

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