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Six Key Pieces to Build Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Six Key Pieces to Build Your Jewelry Wardrobe.

The Jewelry basics every woman should have in her arsenal of secret weapons.

Diamond Studs

  • Diamond stud earrings light up the face
  • Pair well with complicated necklaces and necklines
  • Can be simple and classic with solitaire diamonds
  • Or can be more bold by using pave set and/or halo set stones


  • Classic and carefree (they jingle!)
  • Easily build a collection in a range of style
  • Made from a range of materials and come in variety of sizes and colors
  • Think about including a chunky signature piece that stands alone

Pendant Necklaces

  • Personal accent perfect for work or the weekend
  • Wear alone or layered with other necklaces
  • Fun, flirty, simple or avant-garde, you have many choices
  • Choose a diamond solitaire, colored gem, pearl drop, nature motif, icon, letter, number or symbol

Big Gemstone Ring

  • Hailed as a top wardrobe updater
  • Gives you big colorful look without a huge cost
  • Broad range of gem and metal options
  • Ideal accessory to define your personal style


  • A simple, no-nonsense approach to dressing for success
  • Unusual statement pieces can be seen in out-of-round, pink, gold, gray or black
  • Basic pearl styles include stud earrings, drop earrings and classic single or double strand necklaces

Classic Watch

  • Seen as a status symbol and a must-have fashion piece
  • Clean lines make for a signature piece that can be worn with almost everything
  • Consider a two-tone metal watch for easy accessorizing
  • Watches with interchangeable straps provide endless ways of updating a look

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