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Quiz Time: What’s His Jewelry Style?

Looking for jewelry your man will like? Take our quiz for help matching your gift to his style.

If you’re jewelry shopping for a special guy in your life, you want to make sure you get it right. That means tailoring things to his personal style and taste.

Before you go any further, ask yourself honestly: are you doing this because you’ve been dying to see him wearing a particular ornament or because he has shown interest in elevating his look? Not every guy is going to want to accessorize beyond the everyday watch and wedding ring.

That said, the times they are a-changin’. More men are paying attention to fashion and want to make a statement with their personal dress and grooming. Whether he’s an edgy hipster or a buttoned-down businessman, your guy might very well enjoy incorporating more accessories and jewelry into his wardrobe.

  1. 1) Time for work! He’s wearing:

  2. 2) On date night, he’s most likely to:

  3. 3) OMG, he’s cooking you dinner. The menu is:

  4. 4) You’re finally taking a vacation. He wants to:

  5. 5) The best gift you’ve given him in the past was:

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Please answer all the questions above to see your result.

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