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How to Buy a Diamond Solitaire

How to Buy a Diamond Solitaire
The diamond solitaire is a timeless engagement ring.

Here are the ingredients for the perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring:

A Beautiful Diamond


Round diamonds are timeless and popular
Princess diamonds are currently very popular
For more glamour or drama try an emerald, marquise, pear or other fancy shape.


Focus on the impact the diamond makes when you see it in its setting.
A 1-carat diamond can look bigger or smaller based on different factors.
Often mistaken for size, carat is a measurement of weight


How white a diamond is.
The number of flaws.
How much it sparkles.

A Sensational Ring


Setting – Prong: Uses four or six prongs to raise the diamond above the band. Allows more light to shine through the diamond, increasing beauty.
Setting – Halo: Creates a spectacular diamond look that is feminine and delicate. Creates a more modern look and increase perception of size.


Thick or thin? Plain or engraved? White or yellow? Ability to wear with a wedding band?

The Result: An iconic symbol of your love and commitment.

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