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The Spotlight Shines on This Metal All Month: May Is Golden

Get in the know — May is the time to find new gold jewelry to love.

While jewelry and fashion insiders are well aware of it, now you know May is the month for gold. It’s the month when jewelry designers, suppliers and retailers showcase their newest beautiful designs in gold.

What it means to you

Look for new designs and special pricing on gold jewelry throughout the month. If you haven’t been bitten by the gold bug yet, now’s the time. Gold is beautiful, natural and incredibly versatile. Gold jewelry comes in an almost unending variety of styles, types and can be surprisingly affordable.

The fashion

Gold jewelry is at the forefront of fashion this year, especially in designs using two or more colors of gold. Mixing yellow, white and rose gold creates a fresh look that will have lasting style. Pieces that mix two colors create a subtler look — yellow and white can look modern while rose paired with either yellow or white lends a romantic vibe.

This season, look for:

  • Angular designs in necklaces — chevrons, diamond shapes, straight bars or arrows.
  • As a counterpoint, round organic shapes in pendants and earrings are also designer’s favorites this year.
  • Layering is still going strong in necklaces and bracelets.
  • Stackable and midi rings are still right on trend.
  • Woven details in drop and dangling earrings borrow from Indian and Asian design cues.
  • Bold watches in yellow and rose gold.

The foundation

No matter what the month — or the year — fine gold jewelry is a great investment and a solid foundation for your jewelry wardrobe. It’s a classic jewelry metal that has been treasured throughout time. Rose gold is trending now, but it trended before and will trend again — if you love it, collect it while its available and make it your statement. Yellow is ageless and timeless. White gives a bright modern look to any style or type of jewelry. Learn even more about gold, like karatage or how its color can be altered from yellow gold to rose gold here.

So look around at the new (or older) designs in gold and celebrate Gold Month now and for months and years to come.

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