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Ring in the New Year with Dazzling Jewelry Looks

The last night of the year is special — you’ll want to put extra thought into jewelry that greets the New Year with gusto and style.

The last night of the year is often one of the very few excuses we have all year long to dress to the nines and feel glamorous. The celebratory spirit of the evening calls for glitz — and it’s also the final sendoff of the holiday season, which means that once January 1 arrives, it’s back to the winter doldrums.

That’s why, whether you plan to mark the occasion with a formal dinner, hit a dance club or just enjoy Chinese takeout with an intimate group of friends, you’ll want to put extra thought into a jewelry look that greets the New Year with gusto.

Shimmer and sparkle

The holiday season always presents a great excuse to sparkle — the December holidays are about bringing light to the darkest month of the year, after all. On New Year’s Eve, choose jewelry that will catch the light and make you stand out in the room even if you’re in a dim restaurant or bar. Diamond-covered or crystal-encrusted pendants or long, layered diamond station necklaces of different lengths will dazzle as they catch the lamp or candlelight. If you’re wearing dark colors, choose white gold or silver for shimmering contrast. 

Daring drama

Drag out the pieces you simply couldn’t get away with any other time of the year, like at the office or volunteering for your kids’ school. Think of your New Year’s Eve soiree almost as a costume party, an occasion to bring out your most daring self. Go bold with shoulder-kissing chandelier earrings, oversized cocktail rings or show-stopping color gemstone pendants.

Tantalizing texture

There’s something about the winter that makes people want to wear subdued colors, so you’ll likely be sharing the room with plenty of black, dark red or dark gray clothing. Creating texture with jewelry is a fantastic way to stand out, even if you show up in a subdued outfit yourself. Hammered white gold cuffs, mesh yellow gold bracelets or other textured metal jewelry will add glamorous glimmer to the evening. 

Star-studded sensations

The night is alive with excitement — anything could happen, and the promise of the new year makes everything electric. What better way to symbolize the feeling than with stars? They’re fun, magical and famously symbolic. Above all, wearing them will  make you feel like a celebrity, if just for one night. Choose a shimmering star pendant or charm or statement-making color gemstone star rings or bracelets.

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