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Brooches are back in a big way.

Surprise! Brooches and pins are on top of the fashion world.

Admit it, a brooch or pin is something you associated with your grandmother or even great-grandmother. So it was surprising that pins and brooches started popping up on the fashion runways of Paris and New York in the spring of 2015 while showcasing the looks for the upcoming fall. The looks for spring 2016 show brooches and pins may be around for a while.

The look on the runways is big and bejeweled. Gems are used singly and in groups of varying sizes and cuts, there are nature-inspired motifs with pearls and diamonds and fluid abstract metal designs.

What to look for

Browse consignment stores and estate sales for vintage finds. As trends filter down from couture shows, you’ll be seeing more gemstone brooches and pins at retail jewelers and online.

If you have gemstone or diamond jewelry you don’t wear anymore, this is a perfect opportunity to work with a jeweler to create a custom-designed brooch. You’ll be totally on-trend and have a unique piece that reflects your unique taste!

How to wear it

Play with expectations by putting pins that might look boring on a sweater or a timeless faded jean jacket for instant cool. If you don’t have a big brooch, group a few color gemstone pins to create the same effect. Juxtapose the swirling circles of a pearl or shiny metal brooch by pinning it on a tailored tweed jacket — the smooth finishes will pop against the rougher texture.

Brooches and pins will look best on a fabric — like tweed or denim — that has some heft and can support them. You can also try attaching them to your handbag or shoes for an extra dash of style.

Because they can be pinned just about anywhere, brooches and pins are versatile. Take care when attaching them, and make sure the clasp is fixed and strong.

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