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How To: Stacking Bracelets

Get more mileage from your bracelet collection by mixing and matching them.

If you want to partake in this wearable trend, but not sure you can “pull it off,”- keep these tips in mind and let the fun begin.

Bracelet stacking 101

Jewelry stacking of all kinds has gained a strong following, such as wearing lots of rings together and layering a variety of necklaces. Given how you can swap jewelry pieces in and out to suit your mood and outfit, this is one trend we don’t see getting old any time soon. So, why should your wrists and arms miss out on all the fun?

Wearing a few bangles together is nothing new. But today’s fashionistas have discovered that you don’t need to stop there when exploring the possibilities of your bracelet collection. Intermingling metals, materials and colors works for bracelets just as well as it does for rings and necklaces. The end result can range from rock-and-roll glam to sweet and bohemian. One theory why the trend has picked up steam: with all of us consulting smartphones and other devices so often, our hands and wrists are on display and a point of focus more than ever.

Does this mean you should dig every bracelet out of your jewelry box and throw them on at once? Well, you could… but it’s more about which pieces you wear, not how many. We’ve got a few suggestions to ensure you stay on the right side of stylish.

Start simple

If you’re just dipping your toe (forearm?) into the bracelet-stacking waters, you might feel more comfortable starting with just 3-4 pieces that share a unifying trait, such as sticking with all bangles but varying their width and color. Or consider mixing chains, bangles and a cuff but all in gold. Experiment on one arm before you attempt both. And you know, a wristwatch counts as a bracelet too, so another easy starting point is to work on the arm where you’re already sporting a timepiece and see what looks good alongside it.

Another beginner’s trick is to get a matching set of plain, thin bangles to use as your base and then play around with accompaniments.

Mixing materials

When it comes to stacked bracelets, you don’t want to play it too safe or matchy-matchy. In fact, the most striking looks blend materials and colors to great effect. So, feel free to wear yellow and white gold together. Throw a thick leather cuff up against some chains – a bulky bracelet usually makes a great foundation for building on anyway. Mix beaded bracelets with solid bangles. You can even mix precious jewelry with chunky costume jewelry or vintage Bakelite and enameled pieces. Feeling wild? Throw back to ‘80s-era Madonna with a bunch of rubber bracelets interspersed with more modern metals.

When enough’s enough

Generally speaking, if you’re piling on the bracelets, you should probably ease off on wearing loads of other jewelry, especially heavy rows of stacked rings. And if you’re accessorizing both arms, consider wearing fewer bracelets on each than you would if you were only jazzing up one. Extreme bracelet layering tends to work best with more monochromatic outfits too.

Also, think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. You don’t want to make enemies at the office by sounding like a set of wind chimes every time you move your hands. You should always dress appropriately for your particular workplace, and that includes your jewelry choices. An armload of glamour won’t be welcome everywhere.

Stacking bracelets is an easy way to give old pieces a new lease on life and change up your style from day to day. Put your own twist on this trend, and let the fun begin!

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