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How To: Layering Necklaces

More is more when it comes to wearing your favorite necklaces.

Lots of women today are opting for bold, chunky necklaces in geometric shapes and bright colors that make a big statement all on their own. They can make daintier chains look downright flimsy by comparison, but don’t give up on your more delicate favorites. By strategically layering several together, you’ll achieve a result greater than the sum of its parts.

Layer in levels

The most important thing when wearing multiple necklaces is to vary the lengths. Try mixing shorter, finer chains with longer, thicker ones. You might find that doubling longer strands gives you just the effect you’re hoping to pull off.

Charmed, I’m sure

It can be fun to pile on two or more necklaces or chains with beads or small charms interspersed. An easy look to pull off is a shorter pendant with a longer graduated bead chain. Or stick to a theme, with the same or similar shapes hanging from chains of different lengths.

Layers of color

Necklaces go from basic to bodacious with the introduction of color gemstones and pearls. You can drape bright, primary colors of gems or beads together or stay within the same color family for a softer look.

Love those links

Experiment with a variety of chains of different link styles and lengths. You can opt to stay within the same color palette — like all rose gold or all silver — or go for a combo. You can even find multi-strand necklaces that create this look for you. Lariat necklaces are another great way to add length and visual interest at the same time.

Consider your clothes

The top you’re wearing will help determine which necklaces you use for layering. Deep necklines lend themselves perfectly to framing your jewelry, but shirts and blouses with higher necklines can work nicely, too. For example, wear a few shorter charm or pendant necklaces peeking out from a collared top. Layered chains are also a great way to dress up a basic V-neck tee.

Break the “rules”

Oh, and those substantial, heavy necklaces we mentioned earlier? Go ahead and combine them with others, but tread lightly. With a big, bold statement necklace, you probably only want to add one simple, longer chain. On the other hand, some collar-style necklaces or slightly different lengths can overlap in varied materials to create a dramatic impact.

The common strand in all this layering advice? Have fun! Go for something unexpected, try blending pieces you’ve never worn together before, and dig out those old chains you’ve given up on. Layering necklaces is your chance to create a look that’s distinctly yours; no one else owns the same exact collection of jewelry as you, right? So play around with what you’ve got and when you’re out shopping, think about how necklaces might work with your existing pieces. You’ll never settle for just one again.


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