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Gemstone Picks: Seeing Red

Find the right shade of red for your gemstone jewelry piece.

Are you always the woman in red? If you’re looking for gemstone jewelry that emits warmth, passion and energy, you have plenty of options. From pinker and pretty to fiery red-orange, red gemstones have something for every taste and budget.


Evoking images of a striking red color and long-associated with passion, desire and love, ruby is the iconic deep-red gemstone. But rubies range in shades from dark red to pink, with the deeper colors having higher value. Interesting fact: rubies are scientifically the same mineral as sapphires; only their colors differ. Ruby is also the birthstone for July.

Red spinel

While spinel comes in a variety of colors, red spinel is famous for being nearly indistinguishable from a ruby to the naked eye. Historically, red spinel was sometimes called spinel-ruby or balas ruby, and to this day it’s commonly used in place of a ruby —many would say with an equally exquisite effect. 


Garnets are actually a group of six species with similar chemical compositions. You’ll find garnets in reds as well as greens and dark pink. But garnet is usually thought of as its most popular variety: the deep-red birthstone for January. 

Fire opal

Fire opal is a red-orange gemstone that emits a radiant warmth and fiery energy. Contrary to the strength and positivity it displays, opal itself is relatively soft, meaning you must treat opal jewelry gently. Opal is the birthstone for October. 

Whether you’re looking for a soft red glow or a fiery statement piece, you have plenty of red gemstones to choose from.

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