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Gemstone Picks: Into the Blue

Find your perfect shade of blue.

Feeling blue isn’t such a good thing, but wearing blue can very good, especially if it’s in the form of gorgeous color gemstone jewelry. For those who count blue as their favorite hue, take a look at these gemstones that will give you a case of the blues — in a great way.


Versatile and popular in many settings and designs, aquamarine is a more affordable choice of blue gem than sapphires. This precious stone appears in shades of blue with hints of cyan and green, and is nuanced enough to match pretty much any color scheme you have in mind. If you’re gearing up to mark 19 years of marriage, aquamarine is the anniversary gemstone for you.

Lapis lazuli

Not always considered as a jewelry gemstone, lapis lazuli holds plenty of appeal for lovers of blue. It’s also the “official” stone for the ninth wedding anniversary. Look for lapis lazuli in craft jewelry, which lends itself nicely to this deep-blue stone’s characteristics.


When most people think of a blue gemstone, they’re picturing a sapphire. Sapphire is a timeless choice that looks right at home in virtually any setting, whether paired with diamonds in an engagement ring or set in an opulent gold necklace in designs from modern to traditional. It’s also the suggested gemstone for celebrating a fifth wedding anniversary or a September birthday.


Less recognizable than sapphire, for which it was mistaken when first discovered, tanzanite takes blue to the extreme. It’s usually heated to bring out an even more intense bright-blue color and is a truly eye-catching accent for the jewelry wearer who wants something extra special.


One coveted variety of topaz is actually orange, but blue topaz is the most popular, created when colorless topaz undergoes a diffusion process. Results range in hue from sky blue to deeper shades. You may also see terms such as London Blue describing a vibrant blue topaz. While Topaz has traditionally been a symbol of love and romance, and the classic choice for marking a fourth wedding anniversary, you can enjoy it for any occasion you want!


Turquoise doesn’t quite have the pizzazz of a sapphire, but it’s sure to delight lovers of blue, with specimens that range from pale to bold or even a little on the greenish side. Many of us associate turquoise with the southwestern U.S. and traditional silver jewelry pieces like chunky cuff bracelets or dangling earrings. You can find turquoise popping up in more innovative jewelry designs, too, or you could opt to show off your blue turquoise on a belt buckle or hair barrette.

Kind of blue

One of the most unique and lovely qualities of precious gemstones is the way their color can shift as lighting changes. For example, alexandrite appears blue in daylight but takes on reddish tones once the sun goes down. Opals come in different shades, some of which are blue and others that aren’t blue at all. While you’re in the hunt for that perfect gem, don’t overlook these borderline blues.

Finally, if money’s no object and you insist on something that is, quite literally, one of a kind, behold the world’s largest blue diamond, "The Blue", which was expected to bring in as much as $25 million at auction.  

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