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Fashion Help: Jewelry to Wear With Blue Jeans

From polishing your look to making a bold statement within a casual style, you have plenty of options for pairing jewelry with blue jeans.

Donning your favorite pair of jeans no longer means you’re throwing fashion — and more importantly, jewelry — to the wind. In fact, think of the wide variety of jeans available today. A pair of skinny jeans with boots or faded denim with a blazer may be a fashion statement in itself. And some pairs have price tags that would make the guys who used to wear them for dirty work gape.

However, no matter how “dressy” your dark denim may seem, wearing jeans is still a casual affair. Typically blue jeans call for sterling silver over platinum, and fun color gemstones over diamonds. But some fine jewelry items are true classics, and pair as well with blue jeans as they do with your little black dress.

Seeking jewelry inspiration for your denim days? Read on.

Classic finish

To add some polish to your casual wardrobe without making a splash, choose a classic approach. Many of the finer items in your basic jewelry wardrobe are timeless and versatile enough to wear with jeans.

Simple stud or small hoop earrings in silver or gold, a delicate pendant necklace and an understated gemstone ring or a plain band all work well to polish even the most casual outfit.

Some fine jewelry items — like a platinum engagement ring or a set of small diamond stud earrings — are classic enough that you can pull them off with your casual jean attire.

Stylized vibe

Are you looking to extend your blue jean style rather than simply polish your look?

When you’re going casual, you have some leeway to make a statement with your jewelry, and the neutral simplicity of denim provides the perfect canvas on which to paint. Whether you’re feeling retro, earthy or hip, the right piece of jewelry can fine-tune your blue jean style.

Jewelry color, size and texture are the big players in a more stylized look. Use these ideas as inspiration. The best part? You can change it up daily.

  • Big color gemstone ring.
  • Chunky bracelet (again: think color and texture!) or a stack of jangly bangles.
  • Charm bracelet or other casual jewelry with a message.
  • Leather is a natural with denim. Think of a cuff bracelet or a leather cord and pendant.
  • Bib necklace (yes, it’s inspired by a baby’s bib, and with the right colors and pattern will surely grab eyeballs).
  • Dangling earrings – choose from big hoops, teardrops, spirals and swinging chains.
  • Layered necklaces or stacked rings.

Whether you simply want to polish your look or take the opportunity to refine your casual style, you have plenty of options when pairing jewelry with blue jeans.

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