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Valentine’s Day Is More Than Just Hearts

You want to go romantic for Valentine’s Day, but not too over-the-top. Here are some ideas for jewelry gifts that are romantic, but hold the hearts.

Sure, you’re a romantic, and you want to get your special someone a really fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. But, for one reason or another, hearts just aren’t her thing. Maybe hearts are just a little too traditional, your honey’s tastes skew a bit more minimal, maybe you’ve already done the hearts thing and want to branch out a little. Or maybe you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a guy! Whatever your non-heart-buying dilemma is, below you will find a solution — a romantic Valentine’s Day gift that is perfect for your gal or guy — hold the hearts. 

Something for him

If the object of your affection is a guy and you want to show him some love on Valentine’s Day, never fear, there are romantic gifts aplenty for every type of man — from the traditional business type, to the guy who wears jeans seven days a week. If he loves good design and fine machinery, consider a chronograph watch. It’s a classic that never goes out of style; he can wear it every day, and think of you whenever he looks at it. If he’s the traditional sort, nothing makes a better gift than cuff links. They come in a wide range of styles, including monogram, which makes the gift even more special. I.D. bracelets and dog-tag necklaces are also something you can personalize — with his name, yours or your names together — what could be more romantic?   

Shine on

Let’s face it, no one ever says “no” to diamonds. If you really want to impress her this Valentine’s Day, diamonds are a great way to do it, and are not always expensive, either. Consider a delicate chain with one or more small diamond drops — a classic gift that can be worn with almost any outfit, from a business suit to a T-shirt. 

A diamond tennis bracelet is another classic gift, and they come in a wide variety of carat weights and prices, too. If you’re married and you’ve been adding to her jewelry wardrobe for a few years, consider a diamond ring in a style that is different from her wedding jewelry — something that adds a little variety to her life and to her style. Remember, no matter what type of diamond jewelry you choose, it is sure to be a gift that is remembered as one of the most romantic she has ever received. 

Feeling fine

If you like the idea of giving her a gift of fine jewelry, there are plenty to choose from — in every category. Fine jewelry (as opposed to fashion jewelry) is made from precious metals such as gold or platinum, and often features diamonds and/or gemstones.

Natural or cultured pearls are a romantic fine jewelry gift, and no woman’s jewelry wardrobe should be without a classic string of pearls. Consider pearls in other pieces too, such as delicate drop earrings, a bracelet or a pin. Any gold jewelry in 18K, 14K or 10K makes a beautifully romantic fine jewelry gift. You may want to choose a lovely gold chain (with or without a charm), a gold bangle bracelet or fine gold earrings — a simple design will make it easy for her to wear it with lots of outfits.   

Time for romance

A fine watch is a wonderfully romantic gift. She can wear it as often as every day, and when she looks at it she’ll think of you. Every woman should have a few watches to choose from in her jewelry wardrobe. If she’s generally the more athletic type, she may already have a casual watch or one she wears for sports. In that case, you may want to think about getting her a dressy watch — one for evening wear. A watch like that — delicate, graceful and possibly adorned with diamonds or other gemstones — is the type of watch she may not ever purchase for herself, but one she will be glad she has once you give it to her!  

If she already owns an evening watch or a dressier one she wears to work, then a sporty or fashion watch may be a great choice. Pay attention to her weekend  lifestyle, and choose a watch that will fit in. Fashion watches in bright colors are a fun choice that she’ll love to wear. And if she likes something unique and personal, select a Michele® watch that you customize by choosing the strap or bracelet and the watch case separately; and then have your jeweler put them together. All you need is a bit of creativity and a sense of her style!

Simply red

For a romantic jewelry gift that does not feature hearts, something with Valentine’s-red gemstones will do the trick nicely. Most people look great in red, and you can find garnet and ruby jewelry in this beautiful color of love. A ruby or garnet right-hand ring is a gift she can wear whenever an outfit needs a red accent, while a pretty set of drop earrings with a red gemstone or a chic bangle embedded with a red stone are stylish and romantic choices. Red says “Valentine’s Day” without going over the top — just a lovely gift for a lovely girlfriend or wife. 

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