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Jewelry Gifts for New Moms

She brought new life — and new love — into the world. Celebrate her new motherhood with a “push present" of jewelry.

Nine months of morning sickness, backaches, endless doctor’s appointments and sleepless nights culminated with the greatest pain of her life. Any new mom will graciously tell you that it’s all been worth it, that seeing her child’s face is the greatest miracle and gift she could ever get.

But childbirth also feels like an amazing accomplishment. All the eating right, the careful movements, even complications and bed rest for some women — it's all paid off, and a healthy and beautiful new life has entered the world. It’s not only a life-changing milestone for new moms, but also a sense of pride (and often relief). And that calls for a celebration — in the form of a gift of jewelry!

The push present: a gift of gratitude and love

In recent years, it’s become customary for new mamas to receive a gift of gratitude, celebration and love from their partners. Known as “push presents,” “push gifts” or “push prizes,” this segment has grown increasingly popular as celebrity babies bring tabloid tales of $2 million earrings and $800,000 diamond rings.

In some circles — especially in status-minded urban areas — push presents have become the norm. Research by several years ago found that 38% of new moms get a push present, and 55% want or expect one.

So while it’s not yet a societal expectation the way an engagement ring is, a push present may be either a lovely and welcome surprise for the mother of your new child or something she’s hoping for — especially if all her friends or sisters have received them with the birth of their own children.

Either way, new dads have a lot of options. Think about a piece of jewelry that expresses timelessness and pride, yet makes her feel beautiful, even desirable — in the weeks and months after childbirth, her body and hormones will make her feel anything but. A simple yet stunning diamond solitaire necklace or pair of diamond stud or diamond drop earrings may be just the expression you’re seeking to show your love and awe to your baby’s mother.

Gifts from friends and family

You don’t have to be a new dad to consider gifting jewelry to a new mom in your life. Whether you’re the new baby’s godparent, the new mom’s BFF or a beaming, newly minted aunt or grandmother, you might want to express your pride and love to the new mama with a jewelry gift.

If you’re buying jewelry for the baby shower, you might not yet know the baby’s name or even birth month — so consider a pretty gift of jewelry you know the mom will love to wear as a fashion piece, such as gemstone earrings, a bangle bracelet or a lovely locket.

Once the baby is born, you might look into jewelry that is more symbolic. “Family jewelry” or “mother’s jewelry” uses the baby’s birthstone (and often the parents’ and siblings’ birthstones) in a colorful gemstone ring or necklace that will become an everyday favorite of the mother who wears it. If you’re looking at a ring, recognize that her ring size may have changed depending on “baby weight.” Another option is a necklace or charm bracelet with the baby’s name or initials or with another sentiment (such as “health” or “luck”) engraved into the metal.

New mom gifts don’t need to be extravagant. For a woman who just went through one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, humbling and joyous experiences in her life, a gift of jewelry to celebrate her moment will be cherished and appreciated forever.  

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