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Jewelry as Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes the best gifts are small enough to fit in a stocking.

For lots of gift-givers and receivers alike, stocking stuffers are considered fun little extras, while the main attractions get preferred placement under the tree. But nowhere is it written that you can’t mix it up and put a special treat where it’s least expected.

Little but lavish

As anyone who’s shopped for fine jewelry knows, small package does not equal small price tag. And just because it’s going to end up in a stocking (temporarily), there’s no reason to shrink your vision or your budget. If anything, the contrast between expectation and reality will give your gift an added boost. So consider something classic that speaks for itself, such as diamond stud earrings, a tennis bracelet or a fancy cocktail ring. Another jewelry idea that’s more in line with the standard stocking stuffer trinket would be new charms to add to a bracelet or necklace she already owns — maybe something you got for her for the last holiday. Splurging for charms enhanced with precious gemstones takes you way beyond the trinket category.

Small is beautiful

Generally speaking, pieces of jewelry fit into small boxes sure to be overshadowed by that flat-screen TV, gaming console or other sizable gifts piled around the tree. That’s a perfect argument for why you should slip that jewelry inside a stocking instead. But you don’t want it mistaken for any mere bauble. Go the extra mile in choosing festive wrapping — something shimmering and glamorous in its own right — and add ribbons or glittery stickers or other adornments that say: this is not your average stocking stuffer.

Beware of misplacements

If stocking stuffers are typically low-cost or gag-type gifts in your household, make sure the jewelry recipient doesn’t overlook your treat, thinking she’ll get to it later or not even realizing it’s there. That’s another reason the wrapping needs to catch her eye. Sometimes stocking goodies get dumped into a pile and trampled upon while the “real” gifts take center stage. Keep tabs on that special box so it doesn’t get lost in the feeding frenzy or bundled into a trash bag with discarded wrappings.

‘Tis the proposal season

The holiday season is always a popular time to pop the question. Maybe she knows it’s coming; maybe it’s going to be a surprise. Either way, finding The Ring inside a Christmas stocking shows you did some outside-of-the-box thinking. There’s a good chance you’ll have family gathered around to open all of their presents at the same time, which might make it the perfect moment to share your joy. If the outcome isn’t as certain, however, maybe you want to wait to unstuff that stocking privately.

No stocking, no problem

If hanging a stocking with care isn’t part of your family’s holiday tradition, don’t despair. You can still have fun presenting your jewelry gift in an unexpected way. Try hiding the gift in an unusual spot or wrapping it to look like something else to achieve that happily surprised reaction when your recipient realizes she’s getting a precious piece of jewelry and not the same old thing.  

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