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Celebrating Dadhood: Gifts for Big Milestones, Making Any Day Father’s Day

Jewelry is a memorable way to celebrate the way dads guide us through life.

While Father’s Day is a great reminder to tell the dads in your life how much they mean to you, showing dad some love should be more than an annual occurrence. Becoming and being a dad, like becoming and being a mom, is a momentous life-changer. Partners and children can show dad how special he is by celebrating some key milestones along his “dadhood” journey with thoughtful gifts to mark the years.   

Birth of a child

Okay, get him the “real dads change diapers” T-shirt. But this is also a great time for a thoughtful gift for a first-time dad. Consider a piece of fine jewelry that can be engraved with the name of his firstborn as well as any children that come later. Some good options include a wristwatch, pocket watch or dog tag charms that can be added to a necklace over time. A family portrait with each new addition in a nice frame makes a great gift as well.

Children graduating from school

Traditionally, it’s the parents who give a gift to a child upon graduation. But if you think about it, over the years, Dad has been there with homework help, encouragement and rides to sports games, music rehearsals, school events and more. Recognize his unfailing support with a gift — from his partner and/or his children — at a child’s graduation from grade school, high school or college.

In addition to a framed graduation photo, other sentimental mementos of this time in his life that he might like are a bracelet or tie bar engraved with the graduate’s name or statement like “dad of a grad.” Or select an appropriately themed charm like a graduation cap or sport the graduate played and give dad a cool necklace he’ll enjoy wearing for years to come.

Child’s 21st birthday

When his children reach 21, it’s nice to give dad a pat on the back for being a big part of raising his kids to become successful adults. A thoughtful gift for a 21-year-old to give his or her dad is a picture frame showcasing a baby picture and a more recent photo together. Or have a Swiss army knife money clip engraved with a statement like “thanks for giving me the tools to be a success.” He’ll love the combination of sentimentality and functionality! Partners can acknowledge their husband’s role with a gift like a key ring engraved with a statement like “you are key to our family.” For a laugh, try a money clip engraved with “now this will be much fuller!”


Becoming a grandparent is an enormously exciting time for many people. Mark this major milestone with a beautifully engraved wristwatch or pocket watch as a symbol of the passing time. Other ideas include a tie bar, bracelet or necklace engraved with “#1 grandfather” or “proud grandpa.”

These are just a few of the major milestones a dad might experience during his lifetime for which a gift would be a thoughtful gesture. More than objects, wearing or looking at this type of gift will bring back wonderful memories and remind him that he’s loved and appreciated. Every day can be Father’s Day.

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