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Answer These Questions Before Buying Her an Anniversary Band

Look for clues from your wife and do some basic investigating to choose the perfect anniversary band

As your wedding anniversary approaches, there’s no doubt you’re searching for the perfect gift. Especially if it’s a big milestone, you may be considering a jewelry gift — and an anniversary band in particular. Before you jump in and purchase, dig around and do some basic investigating. That way, you’ll be sure to give her a gift she’ll truly adore.

The first and most important question to ask yourself about an anniversary band is whether you think she’ll want one. How easy this is to answer will depend on how explicit she is about her gift desires. Maybe she’s been hinting at an updated style for her finger or something a little less flashy than her diamond engagement ring to wear around town. Or maybe she’s been looking in jewelry shop windows and pointing things out — either to you or your kids. If you’re lucky enough to have these sorts of clues, follow the trail and make good on her hint-dropping!

If not (and you wouldn’t be alone), consider these questions before buying your wife an anniversary band.

What’s her ring-wearing personality?

Look at your wife’s fingers over the course of a week. Are they usually naked, ringed by just her wedding and/or engagement band or sporting her daily favorites? If her fingers are typically bare (and you don’t see any evidence of rings on her dresser or in her jewelry box), chances are an anniversary band isn’t something she’s coveting.

On the other end of the spectrum, if she swaps her rings out continuously, she might like a trendy cocktail or big gemstone ring to add to her collection.

If she falls somewhere in the middle, wearing her wedding and engagement rings regularly and maybe alternating one or two other special rings, an anniversary band could be a perfect fit. Another hint: If your wife usually wears her wedding and engagement rings, this is a good sign she’ll really appreciate — and wear — an anniversary band.

Is she looking to replace or supplement her wedding band or engagement ring?

Has your wife hinted at wanting a simpler yet equally meaningful ring for her ring finger? Maybe she travels frequently or uses her hands a lot, making a diamond ring impractical for daily wear. These signs all point to her wanting a substitute ring for her wedding finger. If this is where your wife is leaning, take note of her practical concerns, and choose a style accordingly.

On the other hand, some women might fancy the idea of supplementing what they already have. A supplemental anniversary band should complement her wedding set  and can take several forms. It can stack with the existing bands on her wedding finger. Or it can live alongside her wedding and engagement rings on an entirely different finger — most commonly on the third finger of the hand opposite the wedding ring.

What style are her wedding and engagement rings?

This is especially critical when choosing a supplemental ring, one your wife will wear along with her wedding jewelry. Does her wedding jewelry style skew vintage or modern? Subdued or overstated? You don’t need to match it exactly, but make sure the anniversary band you choose will complement it nicely.

What gemstones strike her fancy?

Does your wife love the green of trees or blue of the sky? Does she sometimes lament that her favorite color isn’t her birthstone? Regardless of the reason for her fancy, an anniversary ring is the perfect place for a favorite gemstone. See our guide to anniversary gemstones and jewelry to find a stone or metal with special significance for the milestone you’re celebrating – or go with your own (read: your wife’s) color intuition.

By following her trail of clues and doing some basic investigating, you’ll be sure to give your wife an anniversary band she’ll truly love.

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