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6 Great Gifts for a Sweet 16

At 16, there’s a strong chance any fine jewelry gift will be a first. These jewelry ideas will surely make a 16th birthday that much sweeter.

We call 16 sweet for a reason. Sixteen is a true sweet spot, situated at the cusp between childhood and adulthood. In much of North America, she’s now old enough to drive and have a job. But she still lives at home and has yet to choose her post-high school path, let alone find her own way.

When choosing jewelry for the new 16-year-old in your life, bear in mind the teenager she is. There’s a strong chance any fine jewelry will be her first. Keep it classic and tasteful, and it will last her a lifetime. Make it fun and trendy but true to her own spirit, and it will still be a favorite as she leaves the nest.

Use these ideas as inspiration for a gift she’ll treasure.

Honor her birth month

Giving birthstone jewelry is a classic way to celebrate a birthday. Sixteen is still young enough that it’s likely she won’t have a piece of birthstone jewelry just yet. Help her start her collection with simple birthstone stud earrings or a pendant necklace. If she’s lucky enough to have a starter piece already, help her round out her collection, taking care to choose the same metal and a similar style.

Help her show 16 pride

Most girls are proud to round the corner of their 16th year. Help the birthday girl in your life show her pride with a piece of jewelry that celebrates this special milestone. She’ll wear a “Sweet 16” or “16” pendant on a chain whether she’s dressing up or down. If she has a charm bracelet, consider giving a “16” charm.  Will she get behind the wheel soon? Give a “Sweet 16” keychain to the newly minted driver.

Celebrate your princess

At 16, she’s on the edge of womanhood but may still identify with the little girl she is at heart. And that little girl may be your princess. (Think about this one before purchasing; while some girls relish it through the teen years and beyond, others left the princess phase long ago or never even entered it.) If you have a self-avowed princess in your life, consider a simple ring, earrings, or a pendant necklace in the shape of a princess crown or heart.

Keep it sweet and simple

At 16, most young women don’t have any fine jewelry to start their classic jewelry wardrobe. Consider giving her a jumpstart with a pair of simple stud earrings (either all metal or with her favorite gemstone), a simple pendant necklace, a stylish bracelet or a set of bangles.

Give meaning

This is a great age to give a gift with deeper meaning.  For the thoughtful teen, consider an affirmation necklace with a saying such as “believe,” “dream” or “love.” A collector would love a charm bracelet — complete with a “16” charm or perhaps one signifying a favorite hobby or sport. Is she religious? Consider a small cross or Star of David necklace.

Girls just wanna have fun

Depending on the birthday girl’s personality and your relationship with her, you may just want to keep it fun. This doesn’t mean you need to shy away from jewelry! How about some whimsical earrings? Or a fun-loving pendant necklace? A big gemstone ring is also sure to delight.

As with any jewelry gift, always consider the recipient’s personal style and wishes. With this plus a little inspiration, whatever piece you choose will surely make 16 that much sweeter.

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