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50 Is the New 40: Jewelry Gift Ideas

Tips on selecting the perfect gift for a 50th birthday.

Today, 50 is often the age when life begins anew. Cast aside residual images of AARP memberships, grandchildren and a quick path to senior citizenship. For many new 50-year-olds, careers are often mature and sometimes peaking. Kids may be fully grown or are growing more independent each year. Financial stability is usually no longer a pipedream but a reality — or something on the near horizon. Visions of freedom (from work and kids) and adventure may also be closer to coming true.

Most 50-year-olds have a complex web of interests and a highly defined personal style. This opens up plenty of options for picking a gift that will be as meaningful as the birthday it celebrates.

The everlasting gift of jewelry is a perfect way to honor this milestone, and we have gift ideas for a variety of interests and styles.

Give tradition a twist

Firmly established, many 50-year-olds have all or most of the pieces they want in a classic jewelry wardrobe. Now it’s time to look at her personal style and give those traditions a twist. Move beyond a classic set of pearls with a long opera- or rope-length strand she can wrap, layer or knot into any length, or cranberry color pearls in a setting with a contemporary edge.

If your celebrant is still missing a classic wardrobe piece she wants, 50 is the perfect opportunity to splurge for something — like a pendant locket or delicate gemstone necklace — she’ll not only treasure the rest of her life, but can also pass down to a younger family member.

Color her world

Is your birthday girl keen on adding a splash of color to any outfit in her closet? Consider a colored gemstone piece. If she likes to keep things simple, look for stud earrings or a minimally set pendant necklace with her favorite color gemstone. 

If she likes a little flash, opt for a big gemstone ring. She can dress it up or down, and by choosing a color and setting to match her personal style, it will find its way onto her finger more days than not. LeVian has a wide variety of gems and color diamond rings, in crave-worthy combos set in what the brand terms vanilla, honey and strawberry gold — white, yellow and rose. Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry have a great selection of LeVian jewelry.

Impart meaning with a message

If your celebrant is moved by words as much as beauty, message jewelry may be the way to go.

Affirmation jewelry, or jewelry with motivational words or sayings such as “dream,” “live” or “love” engraved on them, is the epitome of message jewelry. Depending on her personal style, choose a bracelet, pendant necklace or simple band ring with a fitting word engraved.

For message jewelry that’s less word-focused but still carries clear meaning, consider a charm bracelet. Choose a traditional open-link chain or a more modern charm bracelet style. Start to personalize the piece with a small collection of charms around a theme, like family, travels or hobbies.

Dress it down

By age 50, most women not only truly know themselves, but they’re also not afraid to wear that self, loud and clear. For some, this means rarely dressing in anything fancier than jeans. But don’t let this simple look deceive you into thinking she’ll automatically let her neck, ears and wrists go naked. Yes, there’s plenty of jewelry for jeans and other casual wear. 

Make sure your casual gal has all the necessary basics — stud or teardrop gemstone earrings, slim bangles, a delicate pendant necklace — to polish her look. If she likes to show more flash, gift her a big gemstone ring, long spiral earrings or a chunky bracelet to enhance her otherwise simple look.

Watch the time

We know most people tell time on the smartphones they carry wherever they go. But a classic watch will never go out of style, and neither will the chance to upgrade.

For professional men and women entering their fifties, a high-end time piece like a TAG Heuer, Movado or Raymond Weil will be well received. Is your birthday gal or guy more the sporty type? Look to outfit athletes and adventurers with a timepiece that that can take some rough and tumble.

Pick a fine jewelry gift with an eye to your celebrant’s individual style and interests, and it will surely be a fitting marker for her or his 50th year.

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