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5 Tips for Choosing Graduation Jewelry She’ll Actually Wear

Commemorate a graduate’s big day with a gift of fine jewelry.

She’s graduating from high school, college or graduate school, and you want to give her a piece of fine jewelry that conveys how proud you are of her accomplishment — but also make sure it’s something she’ll treasure for years to come.

Your best bet in choosing graduation jewelry she’ll actually wear is to go with something that is a beautiful piece of fine jewelry first — and commemorative second. Graduation at any level signals a giant step into adult life. This is a perfect time to help her build her fine jewelry wardrobe. Here are the five most important things to consider when selecting a fine jewelry graduation gift:

  1. Her style. Knowing what style of jewelry she likes will go a long way in helping you select a gift she’ll wear long after the big day. Is she classic or trendy? Does she like sparkle or something more subtle? Does she prefer gold to silver? Does she never wear earrings? Always wear a necklace?
  2. Versatility. Often the jewelry that gets the most wear is a piece that mixes and matches well with other pieces. When selecting your jewelry gift, consider how it might look with the locket she always wears or her favorite pearl earrings. You can never go wrong with diamonds for versatility.
  3. The message. For a life event like graduation, it’s nice to personalize a fine jewelry gift with a commemorative message. However, if you want her to be able to wear your jewelry gift long after graduation, you may want to keep the message on the subtle side — she may not want to wear something that broadcasts “2014” in 2024. Even if the world can’t see your message, she’ll know it’s there and treasure it.
  4. Utility. A good tactic for selecting a graduation gift is to give a gift that’s useful as well as beautiful — for example, a watch. There are many watch styles to choose from, from classic to sporty to jeweled. Many also can be engraved.
  5. Personalization. To make a fine jewelry piece so special she’ll cherish it forever, personalization goes a long way. From an engraved message, her birthstone or stones in her school’s colors that subtly mark her alma mater, to including a symbol having to do with her field of study, there are multiple ways to make a piece uniquely hers. Mathematicians or physicists, for example, might love the challenge posed by an infinity necklace. A newly minted elementary school teacher would be tickled by a necklace with A, B and C charms.

Whatever you choose as a gift to commemorate her graduation, if it reflects her taste and your thoughtfulness, she’ll be sure to love it for years to come.

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