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Wedding Flowers: Nature-Inspired Wedding Jewelry

There’s no need to limit your floral and other organic touches to just your bouquet or flowers on the tables — nature-inspired jewelry is perfect for your wedding and beyond.

Looking at wedding posts on Pinterest these days can be like a walk through the woods — wildflowers on the tables, rustic wood accents, moss and grass arrangements. Nature-inspired jewelry is a perfect complement to these events and can also bring a touch of the outside in for more traditional celebrations.

There are fabulous designs for engagement rings, wedding rings and gifts for bridesmaids that all have a touch of nature, whether in realistic depictions of florals or more stylized interpretations. No matter your personal style, from romantic to latter-day flower child to clean and modern, you’ll find nature-inspired jewelry to suit it.

For the bride

A nature-themed ring can be a great choice as a low-profile engagement ring or wedding ring. And these rings can have just as much diamond impact as a solitaire or  a more traditional engagement ring. Motifs include flowers, petals, leaves or branches. These organic forms have been interpreted in jewelry from the very beginning, so it’s both on-trend and classic.

For a romantic choice, consider a rose gold ring with twining leaves set with diamonds.

For true flower power, realistic depictions are timeless. You can find single or double florals, in all color metals or a mix of two or more.

For the bridal party

This motif is a fabulous direction to follow for gifts for your bridesmaids. Because nature-inspired jewelry is timeless, they can wear it forever for many occasions.

If you’re having a fall wedding — and they are growing in popularity — earrings or a necklace with a leaf motif would be perfect for your attendants. Spring and summer weddings call for flowers in full bloom.

Visit Kay Jewelers or Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry to shop a vast array of nature-inspired pieces. 

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