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Options When Buying an Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring journey will present you with many paths to consider. Prepare for all the choices you’ll need to make along the way.

Unless your future wife has specifically pointed you to the engagement ring she wants, the search for the right ring is a journey with many paths. With each fork in the road, you’ll need to make a decision that will play into what kind of ring you ultimately buy.

Familiarizing yourself with all your options will help you be more organized and end up with the right engagement ring.

Before you begin your research, familiarize yourself with all your options. It will help you be more organized in your search, and ultimately help you find the right ring for your fiancée-to-be’s taste and your budget. Use this checklist to decide which options you might want to look at as you start exploring.

Diamond and gemstone options

1. Number of stones:

     A) Diamond soliatire
     B) Center stone with side diamonds or color gemstones
     C) Diamond or gemstone band

2. Color of stones:

     A) White diamonds
     B) Fancy color diamonds
     C) Color gemstones

3. Diamond and gemstone shape:

     A) Round
     B) Princess
     C) Emerald     
     D) Marquise
     E) Oval
     F) Radiant
     G) Pear
     H) Heart
     I) Cushion

4. Accent Diamonds:

     A) Baguette
     B) Round (both foll and single cut)
     C) Half moon
     D) Trapezoid
     E) Kites
     F) Triangle

5. Diamonds or gemstone size:

     A) Carat weight
     B) Millimeter length and width

6. Diamond quality:

     A) Whiteness (on a D to Z scale)
     B) Clarity (number of inclusions, or flaws, in the diamond)
     C) Brilliance (the measurement of bright white light the diamond returns to the observer)

7. Diamond cut (related to brilliance):

     A) Branded cut (such as Tolkowsky® or The Leo Diamond®)
     B) Cut grade
     C) GemEx rating
     D) Other cuts

Ring Options

1. Metal:

     A) Platinum
     B) White gold
     C) Yellow gold
     D) Rose gold

2. Setting:

     A) Prong (four or six prongs)
     B) Halo
     C) Channel
     D) Pavé
     E) Bezel

3. Design:

     A) Clean and straight-lined
     B) Engraved
     C) Swirled
     D) Modern
     E) Vintage
     F) Classic
     G) Wedding set (matching band)

4. Designer/Brand:

     A) Designer / branded (such as Neil Lane Bridal®)
     B) Non-branded
     C) Custom design
     D) Not much, she’s never been much into jewelry.

Buying the Ring

1. Payment Options:

     A) Cash 
     B) Personal credit card
     C) Store financing/Payment plans

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