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How To: Selecting an Enhancer for an Engagement Ring

If your solitaire is looking a little lonely, consider adding an engagement ring enhancer.

Maybe you now find yourself in a position to afford a more substantial ring than you could back when you were a young couple. Maybe your taste has changed over the years, and your simple solitaire feels kind of boring these days. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured there are plenty of ways to update your engagement ring and fall in love with it all over again.

Solitaire engagement ring enhancers are designed to work with your existing ring seamlessly. Together, they’ll end up looking like one single, fabulous ring.


Most people opt for additional diamonds to complement their current solitaire. Typically, you’ll be looking at bands with smaller diamonds but more of them. Of course, the total carat weight will determine how much you spend, and it’s never a bad idea to set a budget prior to jewelry shopping. You don’t have to limit yourself to diamonds either. A combination of both diamonds and colored gemstones will draw even more attention to your enhanced band. By the same token, colored diamonds work well as accessories to a solitaire.


The prevailing opinion seems to be that your enhancer should be the same color metal as your engagement band to produce a coordinated and cohesive effect; however, this isn’t mandatory. After all, you’re the one who will wear it and has to love it. Many women do opt for a mix of yellow and white golds, and the look can be quite striking. Pairing gold and silver, however, doesn’t usually work so well, especially since silver requires more frequent cleaning.


When you shop for an enhancer, you need to think about comfort and not just appearance. Just like with stacking rings, you want to make sure you can move your fingers comfortably and go about your daily business while wearing multiple bands together. Some lucky brides get an enhancer at the same time as their engagement ring, which certainly makes it easier to find a complementary pairing.

Other considerations

One concern some buyers may have is whether an enhancer will detract from the symbolism and sentiment associated with the ring they received when they first became engaged. The idea isn’t to overshadow or outdo your precious engagement ring; an enhancer will simply place it in a more glamorous setting. Just as your relationship has grown since your wedding day, you can think about adding to your solitaire as a way of honoring the evolution of your love.

In fact, an anniversary is the perfect occasion to add an enhancer to your engagement ring. As you may know, most anniversary years have their own precious gemstones associated with them, so you may want to use that to guide your selection. Another way to enhance your solitaire is with a separate anniversary band worn on the same finger.


Shop around to see all the different engagement ring enhancers out there. You’ll discover a lot to choose from and a lot of creativity on display.

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