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Clean & Minimalist
She loves to be outside and active, and may not want to worry about her engagement ring too much. Look for something in platinum— for durability — and without much height or edges. She might love a band with channel-set diamonds; you'll also see them described as "anniversary bands."
She loves the classics, simple lines and not a lot of fuss. She'll probably love a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring, princess-cut or round. It can be either a timeless prong setting or a more modern halo. She looks for quality details, so be choosy in your cut and color — size may be less important than a more brilliant shine.
Vintage Inspired
She looks to the past for design cues, authenticity and a unique style. Vintage-inspired rings and historic cuts like an emerald or Tolkowsky may appeal to her. Think about colored diamonds or gemstones, to stand away from the crowd.
Hollywood Glamour
She loves fashion, follows it and lives it. Look to Hollywood for inspiration, Neil Lane is one designer who has put jewels on many stars. Styles to check out are cushion-cut diamonds (or gemstones for a splash of color) or an emerald cut — the emerald can give you carats and size impact she may love. Also consider styles with a halo of smaller diamonds around the larger one and diamonds on the band.
Feminine & Romantic
She's romantic and maybe a little bohemian. Look at a classic solitaire — it may be what she's always dreamed of — or more unusual engagement ring cuts like pear, heart or emerald. Side stones and diamond pavé will also appeal to her. She may also love an heirloom ring from her family or yours — you can get it set with a diamond just for her, and you’ll link your pasts to your future together.

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