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Quiz Time: What’s My Mom’s Jewelry Style?

If you want to get the perfect gift for your mother, jewelry is always a great choice. Make it even better by matching her style. If you’re not sure what mom’s jewelry style is, take this quiz.

Maybe you’re looking for a special birthday gift for her this year. Or you really want to surprise her on Mother’s Day. Maybe you want to give her a gift “just because.” But no matter what, getting mom a gift of fine jewelry anytime will be appreciated — and also says you care.

The only problem is, you’re not sure what her jewelry style is. We’re here to help — take this quiz to help you narrow down your choices.

  1. 1) Your mom’s ideal weekend day is:

  2. 2) During the week, your mom is:

  3. 3) Your mom is:

  4. 4) Your mom’s jewelry box has:

  5. 5) Your mom’s closet contains:

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Please answer all the questions above to see your result.

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