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Prioritize the Diamond 4Cs

Prioritize the Diamond 4Cs

The diamond 4Cs measure how rare and precious a diamond is – but for the average consumer, some of the Cs matter more than others when buying a diamond.

Often mistaken as size; but carat actually measures weight
To save cost on a diamond, start by looking at a diamond 10 or 15 points less. For example, if you love a 1.2-carat diamond, see what it looks like next to a 1.1-carat diamond of the same quality.

The D grade at the top of the scale, is considered colorless, rarest and most expensive. D-G colorless. H-K near colorless. L-O Faint. P-U very light. V-Z light.
Moving down the color scale toward H or I lets you buy a diamond that still appears white, but is more common and more affordable.

Diamonds often have flaws, known as inclusions & blemishes

If you look at an SI2 diamonds and personally can’t see the inclusions and/or blemishes without a jeweler’s loupe, you can probably accept a lower grade and save on cost without compromising beauty.

A diamond’s cut is harder to quantify than color, clarity and carat weight.
GIA Cut Scale” Excellent; Very Good; Good; Fair; Poor

When done well, a diamond’s cut can be the most important C

When grading the cut of a diamond, laboratories evaluate the diamond’s: brightness, fire and scintillation as well as its polish and symmetry (proportions).

Making the 4Cs Work for you
Now that you understand the diamond 4 Cs, you can use them to your advantage. Consider how you might:
Get a beautiful, dazzling diamond by focusing on cut
Get a larger diamond but scale back a fraction of a carat (10-20 points) to save money
Focus on the diamond’s beauty and put less emphasis on size

The 4Cs will reassure you that you’re buying a quality diamond and getting what you pay for. But remember that they’re really just a tool.

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