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Engagement Ring Shopping: A Plan For Men!

Engagement Ring Shopping: A Plan for Men!

Buying an engagement ring doesn’t need to be overwhelming- when you know where to start. Be the man with the plan for diamond engagement ring shopping and get the right start on the rest of your life.

1. Find the woman you want to marry
2. Start to research your purchase (get the lay of the land)
3. Decide if this will be a surprise. Yes- a lot of solo decisions. No – Collaborate and shop. Note: Studies say about 50% of engaged women helped with ring selection
4. Tune in. Pay attention to the subtle (or not-so-subtle) cues of your fiancée-to-be.
5. Compare ring styles. Get an idea od what you believe your fiancée-to-be will prefer.
6. Set a budget. Know what you can or want to afford.
7. Go into a store. See how incredibly beautiful diamonds are live and in person.
8. Shop around. Get a sense of how well they work with you, understand their return policy
9. Think of yourself. Consider whether you’ll want matching wedding bands.
10. Pull the trigger. “Man up” and make the purchase.

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