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Do You Know What Your Birthstone Represents?

Do You Know What Your Birthstone Represents?

In addition to being colorful, elegant and sparkly, birthstones have a long history of personal significance. For years many cultures have associated positive attributes, including protective healing properties, with each stone that corresponds to its associated calendar month. Check out the list below to see what your birthstone symbolizes.

Gemstone Colors
Garnet: January. A deep-red gem that promotes sincerity, loyalty and devotion.
Amethyst: February. A purple gem that symbolizes peace, protection and tranquility.
Aquamarine: March. A light blue (and, less commonly, light greenish blue) gem that represents youth, hope and health.
Diamond: April. The emblem of fearlessness and invincibility
Emerald: May. This gemstone is thought to bestow faithfulness and unchanging love.
Cultured Pearls or Alexandrite: June.  Mostly creamy white, pearls are a symbol of wisdom, clarity and purity. An alternate birthstone is alexandrite, an interesting gem that changes from teal to magenta, depending on the light source.
Ruby: July. Ruby is believed to promote good thoughts and to rekindle desire.
Peridot: August. The green gem with yellow undertones is said to protect against fears and bad dreams.
Sapphire: September. Sapphire is a symbol of truth, sincerity and constancy.
Opal: October. Precious opals, available in various colors but often white with flashes of other internal colors, are a symbol of hope and purity.
Citrine: November. This yellow gem represents authority and power.
Tanzanite: December. Tanzanite, a purplish blue gem, is believed to have mellowing properties.

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