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1. Diamond

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How big?

Diamond weight is measured in carats. Carat weight affects diamond size and cost. More about carats ›

What quality do you want the cut to be?

A diamond’s cut affects how well it reflects light and sparkles. More about cut ›

How colorless should your diamond be?

Diamonds range from bright white (a D color grade) to yellow (a Z color grade). More about color ›

How flawless should it be?

Diamonds are classified by their clarity, or how few flaws they have. More about clarity ›

2. Metal & Ring Style

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  • Set Budget:
  • $3,000-$5,000
  • Your Selections:Approximately
  • $3,810

Note: This image shows an example of a ring based on the factors you selected. From here, you have a lot of choice in diamond and ring styles. Go shopping below!

Selection Details

  • Diamond: Approx. $3,510
  • Carat - 3/4

    (.69 - .82) About 5.9mm wide

  • Cut - Best

    A precision-cut diamond that has spectacular light performance

  • Color - G

    Near colorless (difficult to see color)

  • Clarity - SI2

    Slightly included (can see inclusions with magnification)

  • Setting & Ring Style: Approx. $300
  • 18k Gold

    An alloy of 75% gold mixed with other metals. Softer and more valuable, available in bright yellow, shiny white or pinkish-rose colors.

  • Solitaire

    A metal band with a single diamond or gemstone

  • Total:
  • Approx. $3,810
  • Note: These prices will change based on finger size, quality of stones in these settings, and the size of the stone put into the setting.

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