Ring Sizer

The ring sizer can help you figure out the size of a ring you are purchasing as a gift or for yourself.

While this tool is a useful guide, we recommend that you visit your local jeweler for more accurate measurements, since some rings can be difficult to resize. To use the ring sizer, grab a credit card from your wallet (to help with proportions). Also grab another ring worn by the wearer on the same finger, if you can find one. (If you can't find a ring, try using a piece of string, a bandage or another way to measure the circumference of the wearer's finger).

Step 1

We want to make sure your screen is sized just right before we start measuring ring size. Start by placing a credit card on the screen and sizing the picture until its the right dimensions.

Step 2

Place the ring on the circle, and adjust the slider until the circle fits perfectly inside the ring.

Size it up!

Now you're ready to find the right ring size.

Get Started

Prefer to measure on paper?Download the ring sizeras a PDF and print it out instead.

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