The Basics

Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe

There are just some jewelry basics every woman should have, for very good reasons.

Buying Jewelry for Yourself: The Ultimate Guide

Why wait for a gift? Get your dream piece of jewelry now! A guide for…

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for You

To look great in a necklace — whether it’s a chain, pendant or string of…

Which Earring Styles Look Best on Me?

Accentuate the positive, no matter your face shape, with this guide to your most flattering…

Jewelry Basics and Beyond

The only “right” way to grow your jewelry collection is your way. Learn about your…

Jewelry Ideas for Moms of Little Kids

Jewelry’s a fantastic gift for the mom who’s knee-deep in toys and tots.

Magnificent Metals: Buying Metal Jewelry

Choices for metal in your jewelry collection go far beyond the usual.

Jewelry for Kids

Kids love jewelry too. You just have to figure out the middle ground between what…

Watch Buying Guide

Making a purchase with confidence includes knowing the materials, movements and case sizes, then applying…

What You Need to Know about Lab-Created Gemstones

Stones created in a lab are chemically, physically and optically identical to those mined underground —…

White or Gold Metal — Which is Right for You?

There’s usually no reason to choose between the metals — don’t you just love…

Vintage Inspiration: Is This Deco or Nouveau? Or Something Else?

A look at design movements through the 20th century

The Spotlight Shines on This Metal All Month: May Is Golden

Get in the know — May is the time to find new gold jewelry to love.

Watches: Movements and Components

Before jumping into buying a new watch, understand what makes or sets it apart.

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