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What Can I Do with My Old Diamonds?

If you’ve inherited diamond jewelry that isn’t quite your style or want to restyle some of your own diamond jewelry, we’ve got some ideas for you.

“Repurpose, reuse and recycle” are all buzzwords of this millennium. People from all walks of life are learning to save money and help the environment by giving old items new life. You may recycle your newspapers and glass, donate old clothing to a thrift shop or paint and reupholster junk-shop furniture to give it a facelift, but have you ever considered “upcycling” your under-used diamond jewelry into new pieces that you’ll be excited to wear every day?

Whether you inherited an old ring or pin from a relative, upgraded your wedding jewelry or simply outgrew the style of certain pieces in your jewelry wardrobe, repurposing the diamonds into new and exciting jewelry is a great way to add to your jewelry collection while saving money.

Instead of purchasing brand-new pieces, you’ll just be wearing your old diamonds in new and more fashionable ways. Your new piece will have so much sentimental value if you use stones you inherited and can pass the new piece down, with the story of how it came to be. You’ll create a tangible way to bridge generations for years to come.

You may be able to walk right into a jewelry store and find, say, a ring you love and have the old diamond set in a new ring. This can actually be done in front of you, so your diamond never leaves your sight. This is also an opportunity to create a custom design

It’s a ring thing

For most jewelry lovers, there is no such thing as too many rings. Whether you stack ’em up and wear ’em all together or prefer to let each ring shine on its own, recycling a diamond or diamonds into a ring ensures you are giving the stones a new lease on life for generations to come.

A simple channel setting can show off one or more diamonds and look great as part of a wedding set or on its own. If you have a larger stone to reset, consider a fashion ring in a more elaborate setting. A ring with a larger diamond is great for wearing on special occasions, from a night on the town to your best friend’s baby shower. A right-hand ring in a bold style will bring sparkle and wit to any outfit you wear it with — especially if you already have enough classic rings in your jewelry wardrobe. A floral design or a modern abstract motif will be eye-catching and stylish all at once. It’s easy — if you have diamonds to repurpose, put a ring on it.

Creating an heirloom bracelet 

Whether you have one old diamond or several to repurpose, consider a bracelet as a new home for old stones. A bangle bracelet inlaid with one diamond or many (graduated sizes would be especially nice), or a delicate chain with a simple diamond solitaire charm dangling from it are both lovely choices. For a piece of jewelry that will have meaning for generations, a charm bracelet can’t be beat. Choose a link bracelet and then have your loose diamonds set into charms that hold special meaning for you.  Charms that commemorate birthdays, milestones, hobbies and travel are all great choices.

Pin one on

If you have an old diamond you want to repurpose, consider adding a pin to your jewelry wardrobe. Not only are pins fashionable again, they can be worn on a sweater, a blazer, a blouse or a T-shirt. They also look great on denim jackets or worn in the hair as a decorative ornament. Pins can be a classic circle or other abstract shape or something like a flower, bird or other fun motif. If you have a smaller diamond, a pin is a great way to make it really shine.

Your neck of the woods

A necklace is a great way to go when upcycling old diamonds. A minimal bezel setting surrounding a diamond of any size on a delicate chain is a style that looks great with any outfit, from your weekend-fun duds to a custom-made business suit. Whether you choose platinum, yellow, rose or white gold, this simple piece will become the workhorse of your jewelry wardrobe. If simple is not where it’s at for you, take a look at all the fun styles of charms available at your favorite jeweler. An initial, a heart, a flower — even something like a skull and crossbones design can be set with your diamond or diamonds — there is a charm for every taste and style. If you are giving this repurposed diamond as a gift, you may want to consider a charm that reflects a part of who they are — a religious symbol, their name or the name of a loved one. 

Whatever new jewelry “home,” you find for your old diamonds, you’re making a memory for you and generations to come.

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