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Jewelry to Wear for a Night Out

How to accessorize a new outfit or amp up an old one.

Whether going on a first date, date night with your husband of 10 years or out with a group of friends, you want to have fun and look great. Depending on your destination, you may want to dress up more than you typically do or try a look that’s a little edgier or more colorful than your norm.

Maybe you found the perfect new outfit and want to accessorize it. Or perhaps you want to liven up what’s already in your closet. Either way, adding jewelry to an outfit is a great trick to take it from typical to something spectacular for a night on the town.

Be balanced

You can have too much of a good thing. Wearing too much jewelry can just end up looking like a confused jumble. Think like a fashion editor and pick one piece as your focal point — say, gorgeous gemstone drop earrings — and then scale back on the rest.  You can add a delicate necklace or bracelet versus another bold design that will compete for attention.

Consider what jewelry would be shown off to its best advantage based on your clothes. A chunky cuff or an arm full of bangles shouldn’t be hidden under long sleeves, but they’re great with tops with elbow-length or shorter sleeve lengths. A necklace you’re dying to wear might be set off perfectly by a scoop neckline instead of a collared top.  

Accentuate the positive

Use jewelry to accent and draw the eye to your best features. For example, earrings can highlight your face and your twinkling eyes, bracelets your slender wrists, rings your lovely hands, hair clips your lustrous tresses, and necklaces your graceful neck or décolletage.

Let your personality shine

Adding a statement piece of jewelry to your “night out” outfit is a way to really showcase your personal style and add an element of whimsy or drama. Not sure what that statement piece could be? Consider cultivating a signature jewelry style and use that to guide your choice.  

Have fun

Jewelry worn for a night out should make you feel good. Have fun with it! Layer on several necklaces or bracelets, fasten an over-the-top pin to your sweater or mix and match metal types and colors with abandon. Going out is a great time to experiment and get out of a rut. But make sure you’re comfortable with your choices — having to constantly adjust or fiddle with accessories that don’t fit or sit quite right won’t make you feel your best.

When getting dressed for a special night out, jewelry is a great way to add that extra sparkle to your look. With just a few simple guidelines, you’ll be sure to select just the right pieces that complement whatever you wear. 

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