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Gemstone Picks: Yellow Gems

Sunny and warm, yellow gemstones will put a smile on your face.

If you love yellow, you’re in luck with your gemstone choices. Gemstones in shades of yellow can lend jewelry a subtle touch of color or be quite vibrant and bright. For something that’s perhaps a bit out of the ordinary, consider these golden options.


Citrine, the yellow form of quartz, was especially popular in the Art Deco era and can jazz up any jewelry wardrobe. Some citrines are actually amethysts that have undergone heat treatment. As both the birthstone for November and gem associated with the 13th wedding anniversary, citrine makes a great choice for gift-giving occasions.

Imperial topaz

Most topaz is blue, but imperial topaz is a golden-orange. Named for its historical popularity among Russian royalty, imperial topaz is a classic choice for couples celebrating their 23rd anniversary.

Yellow diamond

While colorless diamonds are highly coveted, yellow diamonds hold their own special allure and can lend jewelry a desirable touch of warmth. Explore how yellow diamonds look against different colors of gold or platinum and see which you prefer.

Wearing yellow gems

Lots of people think of yellow as a happy color, making it an appropriate choice when feting a happy occasion. You can find yellow stones in both men’s and women’s jewelry to suit every style, and as with all colored gemstones, you should look around and sample the full spectrum of yellows available. From buttery blonds to golden dazzlers, yellow gems can make as much or as little of a statement as you desire.

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