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9 Tips for Taking Your Best Engagement Ring Smartphone Photo

Sometimes you just have to share it — make sure you take a great shot.

You just got engaged, and you want to share photos of your beautiful ring with the world. It’s so easy to take a picture instantly with your phone and post it to social media, but take a little time to make your photo as breathtaking as your ring. Whether you’re taking a selfie or putting the phone in someone else’s hands, follow these tips to make it amazing.

1. Light it right

When jewelers are showing diamonds, they’ll often take customers and their diamonds to the front of the store where the diamonds can be seen in sunlight, where they look their best. Natural light is a diamond’s best friend. Use it when shooting your ring.

2. Find the angle

Depending on the cut of your center diamond, different angles will catch different light and create more sparkle and interest. Play around and take several shots from different perspectives to find the one you like best.

3. Mani up

Even if you’re not a regular manicure fiend, take a little extra care with your hands and nails. You can go to a pro — and if you’ve never had a salon manicure, it’s an incredibly indulgent and enjoyable experience — or do it yourself. Clean up your cuticles and shape your nails, apply clear polish if you don’t normally wear any. For those of you who do get your nails done regularly, keep your polish choice in mind. For this photo, focus people’s attention on the ring, not your nail art. To make your skin glow, use a moisturizer that adds brightness before you put on your ring. Some makeup pros advise using the BB cream or foundation primer you usually use on your face for hand photos to smooth out their appearance. Just be careful — don’t let it build up on your ring.

4. Relax your hand

Don’t hyperextend your fingers, let them relax a little. Knuckles can look a little, well, weird and wrinkly when your fingers are hyperextended and spread out.

5. In the background

While you want the focus on your ring, the right background or objects can elevate the whole photo. It also might look more natural if you’re holding something — your to-go cappuccino with “we’re engaged” written on it instead of your name, a celebratory flute of champagne or a spray of wildflowers. Get your intended in on it, too — pose together with your hand extended in the foreground or you take the shot, with your hand in the foreground and your spouse-to-be in the background.

6. Forget the flash

If you’re shooting in natural light, you won’t need a flash. If you can’t manage natural light — like, if it’s nighttime — try to get as much artificial light on your ring as you can. The flash will be too harsh.

7. Don’t zoom

Move the phone to frame and set the focus of the photo. Though it might be tempting to zoom, you’ll get a grainy pixelated photo.

8. Filters are your friend

If you ignore any of the previous tips, you can fix up any imperfections. Edit and apply filters with an app such as Instagram.

9. Fly it solo

Just post one photo of your engagement ring — resist the temptation to post a bunch. You’ll make more of an impact and won’t overwhelm your friends and family.

So go take beautiful photos of your new engagement ring and share away!

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