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Jewelry Warranties

Once you’ve shopped around and decided on the jewelry piece you want, consider another detail: a jewelry warranty or guarantee and a service plan for the jewelry.

Of course, you didn’t buy your jewelry to keep it hidden away. You want to enjoy it and wear it out and about, which means subjecting it to wear, damage and the potential for loss. That’s why getting a warranty or guarantee and a service plan with your jeweler is a smart move. 

Understanding the warranty or guarantee

Before signing up for a warranty, review what it covers and if there are rules you need to follow in order to qualify. For example, jewelers often suggest or require you to have a diamond or gemstone piece inspected regularly and repaired (if necessary), replacing any stones that may be loose or damaged. Regular inspections mean the jeweler can find a problem you might not have noticed, and solve bigger problems before they even have a chance to occur.

In addition to stone replacement, jewelry warranties may cover:

  • Mounting guarantee against all defects in material or workmanship.
  • Diamond trade-in for another diamond.
  • Lifetime cleaning and inspection at an approved jeweler’s location. It may also be for a set time period. Check to make sure.
  • Return and exchange policy for refunds within prescribed time period.

The jeweler’s service plan

Jewelry can be fragile, and even a well-constructed piece may suffer from too many knocks and dings against hard surfaces. A service plan will ensure that you can have dents and scratches repaired when you need to. 

There’s usually a one-time cost for a jewelry service plan, but it will protect your valuable pieces for a lifetime of repairs, such as resizing, tightening ring prongs or rhodium plating. The cost is usually based on the original purchase price of your jewelry.

Read your jewelry warranty or guarantee and your service plan carefully. Many can be voided if you don’t do what the policy says. Often, the requirements include:

  • Taking the item back to the jeweler where you bought it (or another location if there’s more than one) on a regular schedule.
  • Having the item inspected and documented or validated by the jeweler.
  • Having any repairs done by that jeweler.

When it comes to jewelry, a warranty or guarantee and a service plan will give you even more peace of mind, knowing you can extend the beauty and life of your jewelry for years to come. 

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