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Virtually any color, though the most popular is blue. Trade names include “London blue” for deep color, “Swiss blue” for medium stones and “sky blue” for light, bright color. Red is rare, and “imperial topaz” is a golden orange. There is also a white/clear version or colorless.

Gem family:



November for yellow topaz; December for blue topaz.


Imperial topaz earned its name because it was a favorite of Russian royalty.

Use in jewelry:

Topaz is a hard, durable stone and lends itself to any jewelry style.

Mohs hardness:

8 (1 softest to 10 hardest)

Common treatments:

To achieve the desired shade of blue, topaz is irradiated and heated. Imperial topaz is generally not treated. All treatments must be disclosed.


Clean with warm water and mild soap. Wipe with soft cloth. Store away from light sources, as prolonged exposure could affect the color. Don’t use ultrasonic or steam cleaners.

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