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Jewelry lovers have many styles and lengths to choose from when it comes to necklaces.

Chain necklaces

Chain necklaces are available in many precious metals, such as platinum, sterling silver and various colors of gold. Chain necklaces are a popular jewelry choice for women and men.

Chain types

Anchor chains:

Double links of uniform size connect to create a heavy, sturdy appearance.

Bead chains:

Small metal balls are linked by bits of wire between the beads.

Box chains:

Square links interlock to present a boxy design. Very thin versions of box chains are popular, especially for displaying pendants.

Byzantine chains:

Layered links interlock in a complex pattern to create a rope-like design.

Cable chains:

A pattern of flat and upright oval links creates a simple design.

Curb or Cuban chains:

Links lie flat, and the chain can be thin or very wide. A popular chain style for men.

Figaro chains:

Two or three smaller links are interspersed with one longer, oval-shaped link in a pattern. Another popular look for men.

Heart chains:

Small heart-shaped links connect for a sweet and feminine chain design.

Omega necklace:

Omega necklaces are called chains but don’t really have interlocking links like other chains. Instead, metal plates are pieced together and strung onto a wire to create a flat, smooth, round metal necklace.

Popcorn chains:

Circular links covered with small domes are joined to create a rounded chain that gives the appearance of hundreds of small gold beads joined together.

Rope chains:

Metal strands of small links are twisted together to create a textured “rope” look.

Singapore chains:

Similar to the curb chain, the Singapore chain features links that lie flat yet are faceted to create a curved and complex design.

Snake chains:

A series of S-shaped or Z-shaped links fit tightly together to create a smooth chain. Has a solid appearance and are very flexible.

Wheat chains:

Flat oval links interlock with twisted oval links to create an intricate pattern which resembles a V-like wheat pattern.

Pendant necklaces

A pendant is a single ornament that hangs from a chain or cord.

Diamond or color gemstone solitaires

These elegant and understated necklaces let a single diamond or color gemstone stand alone and speak for itself. A popular option is to set the diamond in a pendant that hangs down from the chain so the diamond or gemstone floats and captures attention.

Diamond and gemstone pendants

Of course, simple isn’t always the look you’re after. There is an array of options for whatever style you prefer:

  • Pendants covered in diamonds, gemstones or crystals, or center gemstones surrounded by smaller gemstones or diamonds.
  • Engravable lockets or pendants.
  • Symbols, words or names, nature-inspired or abstract shapes, with or without diamonds or gemstones.

Strand necklaces

Strands have pearls, gemstones or beads strung together. 

Finding your necklace style and length

Once you’ve settled on getting a chain, strand or other type of necklace, the next choice is determining the best length. Extenders in all styles can easily be fastened to your necklace for more room.

Necklace Lengths


Versatile, with a 16- to 18-inch length that can go with different looks. Good for open-collar blouses or scoop- and sweetheart-neckline dresses.


Ranges between 18 and 20 inches and hits just below the collarbone; it’s the best length to hang a pendant. The princess necklace length complements low-cut necklines as well as clothing with a crew or a high neckline.


A 20- to 24-inch strand that’s a popular length for layering necklaces and for wear with tunics or dresses.


Refers to pearls and ranges from 28 to 34 inches; can be worn full length or wrapped to create a refined, versatile accent to outfits with a crew- or high neckline. Named for its sense of drama and glamour, the opera style is perfect for the “dripping in pearls” look.

Rope or lariat: 

The rope necklace is 37 or more inches of elegance that extends to the waist.

Note: The measured chain thickness or height may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process. A variance of + 1/4" to what is stated under product specifications may occur.

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