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Dark to medium green with shades of blue. Emeralds are known for their flaws. Flawless stones are very uncommon.

Gem family:





Cleopatra was an emerald enthusiast, and royalty throughout the ages have treasured emerald.

Use in jewelry:

Emerald is versatile and has historically been paired with yellow gold.

Mohs hardness:

7.5-8 (1 softest to 10 hardest)

Common treatments: 

To improve clarity, emeralds are often coated with oils and treated with heat and pressure. Resins and polymers are also used to improve the clarity of emeralds and fill fractures. These treatments are not considered permanent and may have to be repeated. All treatments must be disclosed.


Mild soap and warm water to clean. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are not recommended, as they could affect the fracture-filling material.

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