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What Anniversary Is Appropriate for Fine Jewelry?

Finding a beautiful and unique wedding anniversary gift year after year is a daunting task — learn which anniversaries are more traditional for jewelry gifts.

Each year, your wedding anniversary is a time to pause and reflect on your relationship with your significant other: how important it is to you, how it’s grown and changed and what your future may hold. Giving your spouse a gift is a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship.

However, sometimes it’s challenging to pick the perfect anniversary gifts.

While jewelry gifts are appropriate for any anniversary year, there are certain “milestone” anniversaries for which fine jewelry is traditionally given. 

Although every anniversary has a metal or gemstone associated with it, the setting options are practically endless — from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and watches and more. Here’s a guide to give you some ideas and help guide your decision in choosing the perfect piece of women’s or men’s anniversary jewelry that your loved one will treasure forever.

Year one

Celebrate the warmth you still feel when thinking about your wedding day with a gift of gold jewelry on your first anniversary. A gold necklace or earrings for her, cuff links or a bracelet for him are a touching way to symbolize the timelessness of your love. Make the gift even more special by engraving your initials or a sweet sentiment.

Year five

A beautiful idea for your fifth wedding anniversary is a piece of jewelry featuring classic deep-blue sapphires. This shade of blue is versatile for both him and her and looks great for everyday wear. Consider sapphire rings — like a delicate sapphire band to accent her engagement ring or a stunning masculine ring for him that will add polish to his look, whether casual or dressed up.

Diamonds for 10 and 60

As with engagement rings, there are certain events for which diamonds are traditionally given. Your 10th anniversary is often a time when couples, now more financially stable than when they first wed, consider resetting diamonds in the engagement ring into a more elaborate setting or replacing the stone with something larger. Other classic diamond jewelry gifts include diamond stud earrings, bracelets, a diamond anniversary band or diamond cuff links.

Rubies for 15 and 40

Stoke the fires of your marriage with flame-colored rubies on your 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Symbolizing passion and vitality, rubies are a gift that comes straight from the heart. Choose a pendant or bracelet for her or a ring for him in a spectrum of warm tones, from light to dark red, verging into purple.

Emeralds for 20

Twenty years of marriage is definitely a milestone that should be celebrated! A special way to commemorate the years is with emeralds, which traditionally signify eternal love and good health. Some ideas for emerald jewelry include earrings, pendants and rings. Set against a white metal, emeralds add a pop of color to any outfit.

Pearls for 30

Understated and refined, pearls are a versatile and luxurious addition to her jewelry wardrobe on your 30th anniversary. While a strand of white cultured pearls is the most familiar and traditional, you may also want to consider a ring or earrings with black or other color cultured pearls.

Golden jubilee

As the nickname for the 50th anniversary implies, gold jewelry is a good choice for this event, to joyfully symbolize your commitment to each other over five decades. Choose from an engraved anniversary band or ID bracelet, or embellish a gold piece with your favorite gemstones. Gold jewelry is a classic and thoughtful gift for the love of your life. 

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