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Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Stand out from the crowd with a thoughtfully chosen gift that will be remembered.

In the flurry of gifts for any occasion, it’s really hard to make yours stand out. But you can ensure the gift you give will be the special one the lucky recipient remembers long after the parties are over and the decorations are packed away.

Begin by choosing a gift that will make an emotional connection between giver and receiver as well as one that holds material value. Purchase a gift that will be as appreciated a decade from now as much as — or more than — it is today, all because you made a thoughtful purchase.

Purchase a gift that will be as appreciated a decade from now as much as — or more than — it is today, all because you made a thoughtful purchase.

The best place to go is a jewelry store. You’ll find jewelry gift ideas not offered in department or discount stores, and you’ll have the assistance of a jewelry professional who knows the latest styles, the best qualities and the pieces that best suit certain personalities.

With that in mind, we offer five options for each of five types of people who may be on your shopping list this year.


  1. Watches. Quartz, mechanical and pocket watches are the go-to choice of jewelry for men. But make your gift special by choosing the fine watch he has wanted for years, a watch with his favorite sports team’s logo on the face or a pocket watch with his name engraved on the case.
  2. Cuff links or money clip. Wrap up a combination gift by inserting cuff links into a new French cuff shirt, or fold a dollar bill for luck and a gift certificate for his favorite restaurant into a money clip.
  3. Dog tags engraved with his initials. On the backside, engrave a secret message for added impact.
  4. Winder for mechanical watches. These are not only functional, but also a beautiful conversation starter for him to place in a home office instead of hide in the bedroom.
  5. Pen or pen set. In this day of digital communication, remind him what pens are for by including a set of assorted masculine greeting cards.


  1. Heart-shaped jewelry or charm bracelets. A spouse or boyfriend will never go wrong with a heart necklace or other heart-shaped jewelry. Personalize it with her favorite gemstones or engrave her name along with yours on the back. Charm bracelets, such as the PANDORA® line, will give you a chance to select charms unique to her personality.
  2. Tell her you’re glad she was born. A ring or pendant with her birthstone or those of both partners will be meaningful to her.
  3. Expand her timepiece wardrobe. Choose a rugged watch she can wear while at the gym or gardening, a more refined precious metal watch for work or an elegant diamond watch for evenings out.
  4. Sterling silver picture frame. Include a photo that’s meaningful to her. Children may choose a photo of themselves, a sibling might find a childhood photo of the recipient and a spouse can insert a beautiful photo they took on their honeymoon or other special trip.
  5. Ring holder. A pewter, crystal or sterling silver ring tree, ring box or ring tray will keep everything organized when she removes her jewelry at the end of the day.


  1. Like mother, like child. Matching jewelry purchased for mother and child, like the Open Hearts by Jane Seymour® collection, can help maintain a connection during the trying teen years. One suggestion: matching Open Hearts necklaces for mother and child.
  2. Jewelry box. A jewelry box for girls and a valet box for boys will help establish that special things should be kept in special places. Include a surprise within a surprise by placing a necklace or a watch inside.
  3. Make a statement. One way teens show their independence is by supporting various causes. Check at your jewelry store to see what might be for sale with part of the proceeds benefitting one of those causes.
  4. School spirit. Jewelry that includes sport or collegiate themes is popular among this age group. What are your teen’s favorite sports? Where does he or she hope to attend college? Ask local jewelers what’s available in your town or visit the website of a jeweler where the college is located.
  5. Make a connection. Jewelry engraved with their names is a good choice, as is jewelry inherited from grandparents and great-grandparents, perhaps creating a connection that never existed before. But before passing along vintage jewelry, have your jeweler clean it, check the settings to make sure they’re secure, and size it if necessary.

Tween (ages 10-12)

  1. Stackable bracelets. Choose leather or fabric cord bracelets with sterling silver or gold clasps if you’re concerned about how they’ll be handled.
  2. Heartfelt. A simple heart ring will have a special appeal. Sterling silver jewelry is a good, inexpensive way to introduce this age group to fine accessories.
  3. Simple & cool. A single pearl on a 14K gold chain for her and a neck chain for him amp up the cool factor as they both begin to grow into their own.
  4. To the letter. The initial of her first name engraved or outlined in crystals will make a pendant truly special.
  5. Charming. Choose a charm bracelet to represent her growing list of interests.


  1. Baby cup. For children born close to the holidays, a pewter or sterling silver baby cup can be engraved with initials as a special keepsake.
  2. Earrings & charms. Some cultures celebrate a birth with tiny jewelry, such as baby earrings, as well as charms that can be worn by the mother and then passed onto the child at an appropriate age.
  3. Bangles. Make sure they are designed in such as way as to be too big and solid to be swallowed.
  4. Blessings bank. A sterling silver, pewter or ceramic bank will give a growing child a place to collect coins until a friend faces a special need.
  5. Collectible figurines. Porcelain figurines, often of nursery-rhyme characters, offer an opportunity to create a collection as the child grows.

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