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Special Gifts for the Bride and Groom

We’re not talking anything off the registry — you have to do that too — but something special for the bride or groom.

There are times when buying something off the wedding gift registry just doesn’t feel like enough. It’s possible a toaster or china setting won’t convey the message you want to send or emotions you feel. You should still buy a wedding gift for the couple, of course, but there are times when you want to do something a little extra.

For the bride

You're the sister of the bride or her best friend (maybe both!) or maybe your mom is getting ready to walk the aisle. You’re thrilled she’s getting married, and maybe you miss her a little already too. Giving her a little gift, just between the two of you, will cut through all the clutter and stress that comes in the last few days before a wedding and lets her know you love her.

If she’s changing her name after marriage, think monograms. She’ll have new initials — give her a way to show them off. A hanger with her soon-to-be last name to hang her dress on or a robe with her new initials will be special touches as she gets ready on the big day.

Jewelry is also a really personal gift that will show her how much you appreciate her. Keep in mind that most brides have their wedding jewelry picked out in advanced, but you can still get her something she can wear all the time. A pendant, locket or bracelet with her new monogram will be treasured forever.

Outside of just the monogram, engraving to personalize any gift — from jewelry to glassware to picture frames — will upgrade your simple gift to loved keepsake. The couple’s names or initials and/or the wedding date are smart ways to make the gift one that will be kept and cherished. Got an “in” with the bride or groom? If you know the couple’s first dance song, a picture with the lyrics and the date of their wedding will be an unexpected gift that will remind them of the day every time they look at it.

For the groom

While it’s not as common, a growing number of men also change their names or hyphenate after marriage. So those guys may be in for a new monogram as well. And like brides, outside of monogramming, engraving may be the way to go.

And while jewelry probably comes behind things like pocketknives, flasks or even cigar cutters that are engraved as cool masculine gifts, don’t count it out. Dog tags and other simple pendants on a ball chain are easily personalized. Cuff links or a tie bar are also great options to carry a message, a date or even an inside joke. See everything men's jewelry has to offer at Kay Jewelers and Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry.

None of these gifts have to be expensive or overly elaborate. If you’re in the wedding party, for example, you’ve probably already contributed to pre-wedding parties, showers and gifts for that and bought special apparel for the day itself. If it comes from your heart, it will be a cherished memento of an amazing milestone.

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