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Push Present Ideas That Grow With Your Family

The “push present” is growing in popularity — and offers a beautiful way to treat the new mom and mark milestones in your family.

The push present is gaining momentum. If you and your partner are expecting, giving the new mom a present is a wonderful way to make her feel extra-special. After months of weight gain, weird cravings, aches, pains and major lifestyle changes, adding a little special gift to mark this momentous occasion in your family’s journey will make the new mom feel treasured.

Some moms are divided on the idea of the push present. But even those who say seeing their new baby for the first time is all the gift they need will appreciate a little extra something. Rather than thinking of this present as a one-off, consider making this gift one that can be added to as your family journeys through life.

Make it a tradition

A beautiful way to mark this life-changing occasion is to set a base for other milestones. This is a perfect time to start a gift-giving tradition. Charm bracelets, like PANDORA® or Charmed Memories®, are perfect for this. If she’s already got a charm bracelet, give her a birthstone charm for your new addition. If she doesn’t have one, this is a great time to start. Charms can be added to represent other children and other moments in your family’s life.

Make a stylish statement

You can continue this kind of theme with other jewelry, too. If she loves her bangle bracelets, a bangle engraved with the child’s name is a cool idea — whether you have only one child or add more, the engraved bracelets will be a fabulous addition to her look.

If a ring is the thing for her, think about giving a ring with your new child’s birthstone. If you’re planning on more than one child, make it slim and stackable, and add rings with each new child.

Another way to create a tradition with jewelry is necklaces. Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry has a new jewelry collection called Miracle Links™. They’re stylish all on their own, with a larger circle representing the mother that links with a smaller circle to represent her child and their unique bond. Available in sterling silver or 10K white, yellow and rose gold, this necklace can be expanded with additional circle charms as you add to your family. The different colors, metals and optional diamond accents also create a necklace that’s personal and meaningful while looking modern and sophisticated.

Ready to shop? Find personalized and engravable jewelry options for the special new mom in your life. Kay Jewelers and Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry have a special Family and Mother’s collection to get your search started for a meaningful push present.

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