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Jewelry Ideas for Moms of Little Kids

Jewelry’s a fantastic gift for the mom who’s knee-deep in toys and tots.

Her days are filled with sippy cups, sniffly noses, play dates and car seats. You could be forgiven for not seeing “fine jewelry” as a logical addition to that mix. But if anything, moms of young children, accustomed as they are to putting their own needs and desires on the back burner, are even more deserving of a gift that shows how precious and beautiful they are.

She hasn’t lost her shine

Just because she’s a mom now doesn’t mean she never has a chance to dress up and go out on the town, though it may not happen as frequently as it did in her childfree days. More than ever, she’s determined to derive maximum glamour and excitement from those rare nights out, and a new piece of jewelry would go a long way in helping her achieve that goal. As much as she embraces her role as mom, she could also use a reminder that she’s a dazzling woman too, and nothing says that better than a gift of diamonds.

Your budget may determine how much glitz Mom receives, but you can’t go wrong delighting her with diamonds in simple earrings or a pendant necklace.

Looking good in the playroom

Another common misconception is that jewelry has no place around small grabbing hands, that the many demands of motherhood are completely incompatible with shiny baubles. Certainly, it would be a bad idea to wear a long string of pearls while crawling on the floor during a game of horsey, and dangling chandelier earrings aren’t a wise choice while bouncing on a trampoline with the little ones.

But plenty of jewelry styles can coexist quite peacefully with the frenzied energy of parenthood. Stud earrings are easy to wear and come in so many designs and materials. Colored gold and precious stones can take a pair of earrings from simple to spectacular, or a chunky cuff bracelet can add a touch of chic without the risk of getting snagged on the stroller.

Gifts for moms only

A great way to celebrate motherhood with jewelry is by giving her a charm bracelet or necklace, both of which have become quite popular ways to mark meaningful family milestones. For example, you can get charms to represent each of your children — and add new ones as your family grows. Not only does this give the proud mom something to cherish from when her kids were babies, charm jewelry lets her carry her love of family wherever she goes.

Sometimes babies and toddlers like to play with charms, on a necklace or bracelet. If you’ve got a tugger of a toddler, look to materials for the bracelet like leather or a solid bangle. Charms are also now available that hug around the bracelet, rather than dangle, making the bracelet a little more secure from tiny hands.

Charms get extra meaning when accented with each child’s birthstone, too. You might also consider the first letter of the kids’ names or other objects associated with new babies, such as a charm in the shape of a teddy bear or rattle.

Also look at pendant necklaces that can be engraved with her initials, her kids’ initials or birthdates and birthstone necklaces. Stackable rings with family member’s birthstones are a way to commemorate her kids.

Protect your kids — and your jewelry

A mom’s first priority is always going to be her children, and she’s not going to wear any jewelry that gets in the way of performing her most important job. She’ll be wary of rings or brooches with sharp edges that could snag on clothing or scratch delicate young skin, and she won’t be comfortable in long necklaces or bangle bracelets that could get hooked on objects and cause an accident. Be sure that charms, beads, clasps and other jewelry parts are secure and don’t pose a choking hazard for small children.

With the kids safe, Mom can turn her attention to making sure her jewelry is safe, too. Babies are notoriously attracted to shiny objects and will take whatever’s nearby into their hands and mouths. Delicate chain necklaces and hanging earrings may be too tempting for little ones to resist. It’s probably best to put easily yanked jewelry pieces away until the kids get a bit older.

Women with babies and toddlers are a harried lot who don’t often get to indulge their more stylish, accessorized side. When it comes to showing the mom in your life that her efforts and sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed, a gift of jewelry has no equal. It’s something she’ll adore for a lifetime, just as she does her children.

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