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How to Complement My Wedding Set with an Anniversary Band

You’re ready to choose an anniversary ring. Here’s what you need to know to make sure it looks beautiful with your engagement ring and wedding band.

When shopping for an anniversary ring, it’s really a great idea to make sure you choose a ring that will coordinate with your wedding jewelry — both your wedding band and engagement ring.

Although sometimes you’ll wear the pieces separately, you’ll wear them together, too, and therefore they should have similar proportions and harmonizing shapes. Below are some things to remember when choosing an anniversary ring to coordinate with your engagement and wedding rings.

Which finger

Which finger will you wear your anniversary band on? Whether you choose to wear it on the finger with your other wedding jewelry, on a different finger on the same hand or on your opposite hand, the finger and hand you choose may help you decide on the ring. There is no wrong finger or hand on which to wear an anniversary ring, so you can choose whatever you think looks best.  

Metals & settings

It’s a good idea to match the metal of anniversary ring to the metal of your wedding and engagement rings. While mixing and matching metals is OK for other jewelry that you wear (fine or costume jewelry), to have a classic and easy-to-wear wedding set, you’ll be happier if they all match. Match your setting style, too; whether your engagement is a four-prong setting, channel setting or a different style setting.

Quality first

When deciding on diamond quality, keep in mind that color matters more in smaller diamonds than clarity. It's difficult to see blemishes and inclusions in smaller stones. Focus more on better color if you need to compromise on one of the diamond Cs. 

Pretty Proportion

Anniversary bands come in a variety of styles and widths. Consider width and height when you are looking to match an anniversary ring with your other bridal jewelry. It’s best to choose a ring with similar proportions so you don’t have an awkward-looking set.

Band together

A diamond anniversary band is a lovely and elegant choice for commemorating your anniversary. Some popular styles include a classic diamond anniversary band and an eternity ring, which many people believe symbolizes eternal love. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and a diamond band is special and meaningful. Diamond bands coordinate well with almost any style of wedding set, from minimal to complicated — they look very good with the halo style of engagement ring — and the diamond bands can complement each other.

The question of color

Color gemstone rings are another fashionable way to mark an anniversary, and there are certain gems designated for specific years. Gemstones are easy to find in every style and price range, and you’ll definitely be able to find one that you love — no matter your budget and style. Remember, if you are going to wear a gemstone anniversary ring on the same hand as your wedding and engagement rings, be sure to choose a color stone that looks great with the style of your other rings. If you don’t want to choose a coordinating color, you can always choose to wear the ring on your other hand.

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