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How to Build Off of a One-Time Gift to Create a Lifetime of Jewelry

You hit a home run with your last gift — use the knowledge of what she loves to do it again.

You found a jewelry gift she loved so much that you think you may be in trouble the next time gift giving comes around. How do you possibly top — or even match — it?

Not to worry. Actually, you’re in a good spot. Now that you’ve identified what she absolutely loves, you can take that knowledge and use it to find other gifts she’ll love just as much.

First, figure out why she loves your gift so much. Is it the type of jewelry, the style, the metal, the gemstone or the designer? If you’re not sure, ask her! Then, the next time you’d like to give her a gift, use that information as your guide. Over time, you can build your first gift into a collection of jewelry pieces she’ll continue to enjoy for years to come — and you’ll never be at a loss for what to give her again!

I love necklaces!

Or bracelets or rings. Sometimes people prefer a certain type of jewelry because it fits with their lifestyles — like easy-wearing stud earrings for a mom with young children — or accentuates a favorite physical feature like a long neck or slender wrist. This is the type of jewelry that always feels comfortable and makes the wearer feel good.

I love modern!

Or Art Deco or romantic or southwestern or classic. Maybe it’s the style of the piece you bought she really relates to. If this is the case, the next time you get her a gift, look for a piece in a similar style that will complement the first piece. For example, if you first bought a necklace, don’t give her another necklace; rather, find earrings or a bracelet that look great with that necklace.

I love white!

If you pay attention, it’s probably pretty obvious if she prefers one color metal to another, as the majority of the jewelry she owns likely will be in that color metal. For married women, a good tip off is to look at her wedding ring. Remember, white metals include platinum, white gold and sterling silver; yellow gold is a classic and rose gold is a warm up-and-comer.

I love emeralds!

Maybe it’s her birthstone or maybe she just loves the color. Identifying a favorite gemstone is a great way to guide future gift purchases and help her build a collection or set of pieces she can wear together or solo. 

I love the memories!

Another way to build off of a first jewelry gift is to give her a charm bracelet that you can help her add charms to over the years. This is a thoughtful, sentimental gift that will only become more special over time. A charm bracelet can be a wonderful gift for a girl or a woman beginning a new life stage — for example, graduating high school or college, beginning her work career, getting married or starting a family.

Giving the perfect gift can be a challenge. However, by understanding what she loves about a piece of jewelry, you gain valuable information that will help you choose jewelry gifts well into the future that she’ll be sure to love. 

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