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Holiday Jewelry Shopping Tips

Making the most of the holiday deals

This year you know you want to give jewelry to a few special someones on your list, but when are the best times to do your holiday shopping? To take advantage of big sales events and make sure you have enough time for special orders, here are a few tips to get the timing just right.

Black Friday: Be prepared

For those shopping for jewelry  in store on Black Friday, advance planning is key. Big crowds and extra-busy salespeople do not make this the day to leisurely browse and try on multiple necklaces and rings. You need to do your research at least a week ahead of time and know what you want. Pre-shop the stores at a more relaxed pace before sale day so that you can take your time to try things on. Then on the big day, you’ll be able to get in and get out of the store quickly, with minimal hassle. Additionally, always have a back-up plan in case the piece you were shopping for isn’t at the price you expected or is sold out. Perhaps choose two to three jewelry pieces ahead of time that you feel the gift recipient would like.

Note that some stores begin their “Black Friday” sale before the Friday after Thanksgiving — starting on Thanksgiving or even days earlier than that. Many stores also have extended holiday shopping hours. Be sure to check the sales dates and hours ahead of time at your favorite jewelry stores so that you  know the best times to shop. Earlier is usually better for shoppers hoping to get what they desire during Black Friday sales — so plan to shop on the first day of the sale and try to arrive as soon as the doors open.

Another important tip is to browse the sales advertisements ahead of time to understand what will be on sale and what won’t, to help you further refine your purchase choices ahead of time. To streamline the process a bit, sign up for emails and newsletters at least a few weeks before Black Friday  so that sales notices will be automatically delivered to your inbox.

Cyber Monday: Be security-savvy

As Cyber Monday gains popularity, there’s more potential for fraud. To protect yourself, there are a few precautions to take before going online to shop. Most importantly, make sure the antivirus and malware software on your computer is up to date. Then when you shop, make sure you’re on a secure site and beware of offers from online stores and brands you’re not familiar with.

If you need to see an item in person and try it on, just like with any big sale day, it’s a good idea to pre-shop at the brick-and-mortar store so that you can purchase online with confidence. 

Lastly, read the fine print — see if free shipping is offered and what the return policy is. Coupon codes also may be available, so do an online search before clicking “buy.”

Avoiding the sales-day craze

If big holiday sales days make you cringe, don’t despair. You can still get a good price on a gift. If you can plan ahead, you may want to begin shopping for jewelry gifts to give during the holiday season a bit farther in advance — in the summer and fall. Not only can you find jewelry on sale throughout the year, you may save yourself some stress if you have gifts purchased before the busy holiday season even begins. To stay on top of sales all year round, it’s smart to sign up for emails and newsletters from your favorite jewelry retailers who will tell you when they’re having a sale. Also, as a rule of thumb, weekday shopping is less crowded, giving you more time to talk with salespeople about your jewelry purchases.

Taking the time to personalize

Having a piece of jewelry engraved with a special message, initials or meaningful date makes a gift even more thoughtful and shows you took the time to create something just for that individual. Typically you’ll need to order engraved jewelry at least 10 days in advance of when you plan to give it. It may take even longer if you’re ordering just before a big holiday, so be sure to ask the retailer about a month ahead of time how long they think it will take to get the piece done and ready for pick-up or shipped to you.  


The holidays are a perfect time to give jewelry gifts to the ones you love. By following these few tips on when and how to shop, you’ll have an easier time finding just the right gifts at the right price — while still keeping your sanity! 

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