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Head of the Class

Class rings are a way to tell your story — where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Class rings are a way to show your loyalty to your school, its community and traditions. You can get a class ring for high school, college or graduate school. Many schools have established ceremonies; in others it’s a bit more casual. Their popularity depends on the culture of the school and your region. Either way, they’re a way to honor your past and take memories with you into your future.

How to wear it

In North America, class rings are usually worn on the third finger of your right hand — usually the third finger on your left hand is reserved for engagement and/or wedding rings. There’s one big exception, though. United States Military Academy at West Point graduates often wear their class rings on the third finger of their left hands, due to the ancient notion that a vein there runs directly to the heart.

Tradition holds that while you’re in school, you should be able to read your school’s name and see the insignia when you extend your hand, so that it’s facing you. But much like flipping the tassel on your mortarboard, reverse it when you graduate! That outward arrangement symbolizes you’re now looking out to onto the world.

You be you

Class rings used to be a cookie-cutter affair. Everyone got the same design; the only real difference was size. But now you can pick the elements of your own ring, allowing you to express your style while honoring tradition. Pick your metal, the color and cut of your center gemstone, select side designs to commemorate your interests, hobbies or sports and other ways of personalizing your ring.


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