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Gifts for Her First Mother’s Day

Make her first Mother’s Day as a mom special — and set a beautiful tone for all the ones to come.

It’s the first time she’s the mom on Mother’s Day. And while new parents are in the middle of a whirlwind that first year, it’s important to mark it and make it really special.

As her partner, you know how absolutely rewarding but challenging it all can be. So first things first — the best gift she can get is a chance for uninterrupted sleep. Take care of the middle-of-the-night stuff, as much as you can (if the baby’s still nursing, bring the little one to the source and then let mom go back to sleep).

On to the gifts

A piece of jewelry is the second-best gift you can give. Because it’s something she’ll keep forever and will always remind her of this special milestone, a day when it’s all about the three of you.

Birthstones are a natural

One of the most meaningful ways to mark this day is with jewelry that holds your baby’s birthstone or all three of your birthstones (check this list of birthstones).

Style Matters

Take your style cues from something she already wears. There’s a whole category of jewelry especially for moms, called Mother’s Jewelry, not so surprisingly. There are necklaces, bracelets, charms and rings in a wide variety of styles — so you’ll be able to find something perfect.

Does she like to make a statement? Then she’ll love message jewelry. A necklace, pendant or charm for a bracelet with “Mom” or your baby’s name (and maybe birth date) engraved on it and set with one or more birthstones. You could also choose from messages such as “love,” “hope” or “faith” — emotions new parents are flooded with every day.

If she’s a more romantic type, there are hearts galore — in the traditional shape or more stylized. Again, the heart-shaped pendants and charms can carry a message, engraving or birthstones. Rings and bracelets are also available in heart motifs, with or without birthstones.

The more minimalist mom may prefer something simple, like a classic solitaire gemstone necklace or simple round pendant set with birthstones. A modern white gold ring bezel set with one or more birthstones will remind her of this special time every time she wears it.

Building blocks

You can also look ahead on this first Mother’s Day. Buy a charm bracelet that you (and your baby, once he or she is old enough) can add to every year, and not just on Mother’s Day. There are modern charm bracelets that look nothing like you remember your own mom or grandmother wearing.

Whatever you decide, it doesn’t have to be over the top — you’ve both already given each other the greatest gift possible. Celebrate that, and she’ll remember it forever.

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