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Family Jewelry

Jewelry gift ideas to celebrate every member of the family

Families are special and every family is different. A gift of jewelry is a beautiful idea to celebrate each of the members in your family – moms, dads, grandparents and kids – as well as your family “unit” in a lasting and loving way.

Mother's jewelry

There’s a whole category of jewelry out there that’s designed just for moms, particularly for Mother’s Day. Choose from necklaces, rings, bracelets and charms with themes including hearts, keys, lockets, monograms, “mom” inscriptions and more. To make a piece truly special, consider engraving a message or adding children’s photos to a locket.

Jewelry for dad

Not as obvious, perhaps, as a necklace for mom, but many dads like to receive and wear jewelry too, especially if it will remind them of family. Select a beautiful wristwatch, pocket watch, money clip, bracelet, necklace or ring and have it engraved with dad’s initials. Consider adding the initials or birthdates of his children or all family members. Personalizing a piece of jewelry for dad will make it a gift he’ll treasure his whole life.  

Jewelry for grandparents

When grandma and grandpa are an integral part of your family life, it’s nice to show them how special they are with a jewelry gift. A necklace, bracelet or watch monogrammed with their initials is a beautiful choice. Or, have a piece engraved with the birthdates of three generations: theirs, yours, their grandkids.

Jewelry for kids

When you think your child is old enough to care for and wear fine jewelry, there are many options for gifts. Mother-child jewelry, such as matching mother-daughter necklaces or mother and child symbols for pendants and charm bracelets are lovely ideas. Angel-themed or birthstone-bedecked jewelry is also sweet. Or, engrave a necklace, bracelet or charm with your child’s initials, a heartfelt message or a sentiment such as “hope” or “faith.”

Jewelry that says “family”        

To celebrate the idea of family, think about giving each member of the family the same piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or ring, with a family tree motif or another symbol that says “family” to you. When worn, it will remind each family member that they are part of a larger whole. Also, investing in fine jewelry would make pieces like this lovely to hand down through the generations.  

Family is an important part of many people’s lives. Celebrate yours with jewelry gifts that you can personalize and make as special and unique as each of your family members.

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